Ashram: Christa Panthi Ashram, Sihora (Madhya Pradesh)

Sihora is the geographical centre of India, located in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

The Sihora Ashram is the first Mission Centre of Mar Thoma Church in North India, inspired by Dr. C.E. Abraham, then Principal of Serampur College. 

It is a Celibate Ashram started by three young dedicated missionaries. (Rev. K. T. Thomas, Rev. John Varghese, Rev. M. P. Mathew). They were dedicated for the work on 30th October 1942 by Titus II Metropolitan in the presence of Abraham Mar Thoma Metropolitan.

It is a fellowship of celibate people, who have taken the oath of simplicity, chastity and obedience.

Evangelists:  8
Started: 1942
Ashramites:   Five ordained priests, four brothers and 12 sisters.


  • Educational Work - Nursery school in Sihora town (English medium) and in 10 villages (Hindi Medium), 4 Primary schools, 2 Middle schools and 1 English medium school. (Gram Jyoti school )
  • Medical Work through Hospital and village Clinics.
  • Destitute Homes.
  • Separate hostel for boys and girls, Library.
  • Easow Mar Timothios Training Centre for Evangelists.

Development Programes : Adult education, Self-employment schemes, Marriage aid schemes, Construction of houses for villages, weaving etc.

Two high schools, middle schools, primary schools and balwadis are functioning  under the Ashram and Gram Jyoti Education Development Society of Delhi Diocese.

Rev. Mathew K. Chandy
Christa Panthi Ashram
Darsani P.O.
Sihora. 483 225,
Madhya Pradesh.