New Initiatives

The Mar Thoma Church in North India under the Delhi Diocese is a migrant, faith community set in plural cultural, language and social contexts. We accept our paradoxes. Inspite of being resourceful, we are often unable to respond to urgent scenarios.

The Minister today has to be equipped and respond creatively to the challenges around him. Introspectively, the Minister has to be strengthened by a disciplined study of the Word, prayer life,  passion towards sacraments and inclined to hear and sense the growing needs and the groaning of the parish to be in contact with God and Creation.

He has to risk, be skilled and vigilant. Thus, the Clergy Conference 2013 of the Delhi Diocese envisaged a Minister who emphatically accepts the need to revision continuously, mutually and critically his Ministry.

We envision a Minister on the basis of the Biblical mandate to be focused on the Word, be in solidarity, be resourceful and equipped to be a ‘minister/clergy.’  Empowered for mission within and without. 

We envision a parish with Minister and lay as a team, able to hear the voices of the children, youth and the people in the margins, witnessing the celebration of the liturgical life and ready to be missional. We envision a diocese that responds, connects and celebrates through creating a space for media, development and the migrant community.


Convener: Rev. Blysu Varghese

1. Evangelion Group – Rev. Blysu Varghese, Rev. Manu Varghese

Meet on the last Thursday every month. Entrusted Achens will bring a soft copy of the pointers for coming month. (exegesis, interpretation and sermon). Uploading the above in the the ‘Upper Room’.

Evangel-coordinators from each centre to help coordination with different clergy groups within the Diocese.

2. Pulpit Audit – Rev. Blysu Varghese, Rev. Bijoy Daniel

To assess, evaluate the ministry of the Word and the ministry of the Sacrament through clergy meetings and personal discussions.

To analyze our communication from pulpit and to identify areas of potential interventions.

A proforma to be used as evaluation sheets to be distributed among four members of the parish across age and gender.

3. Lay Training – Book and Seminars – Rev. Prasad Mathew, Rev. Johnson John (core)

To equip the interested lay group within the Parish, Diocese in Word and Ministry through Seminars and Books.

Three seminars (Bible, Liturgy, Social Analysis) in a year and at least two books on the basis of the seminars.

To develop a lay ministrants manual as well manual for different groups.

To have study as a movement, followed by gradation.


Convener: Rev. Merin Mathew

Liturgy – Rev. Merin Mathew, Rev. G. Varghese, Rev. Binu Thomas
To help understand the nuances within the liturgy that strengthens the life and ministry of the church through liturgical meditations and workshops.

Formation of contextual liturgies.

Homilies collection – compilation as a book – blog – teaching/training the youths – deep study of the Holy Qurbana.

To prepare a audio visual study on Liturgy (First Communicants)

Time Period: August 2013


Convenor: Rev. Sunil George Mathew

Rev. Sunil George Mathew, Rev. Shainu B, Rev. T. Johnson

Media Study, Networking, responses in feeds blogs, Facebook communities, radio, television, film

Media Study, Networking.

Responses in feeds blogs, Facebook communities, Radio, Television, film.

Media Desk to be creative.

Media Schools and Camps – Summer and Regular

Event Management (with the HRD Department)

Publications – Lay and Format

Printing Solutions

Theatre Group

Time Period: August 2013.


Convener: Rev. Siju C. Philip

Signage Department – Rev. Siju C. Philip, Rev. Benny Mathew, Rev. Eapen Abraham

Important days, feasts, communities

To help understand the Faith and Practices of Mar Thoma Church in North Indian Context.

To make meaningful the Important Days, Feasts, Communities through different means.

Compile and make available liturgies in pdf format and power-point format

Associate special days with unaddressed segments of society

Make available ‘hello tunes’ of liturgical music.

Time Period: December 2013


Convener: Rev. Abraham Mathew

Space – Rev. Abraham Mathew, Rev. P.J. Varghese, Mr. Thomas Mathews (Pradhan) and Mr. Jintu Abraham (Ranchi)

Sexually discriminated communities
Differently Abled

To contextualize the spoken word and church life in deliberating as well work as a think tank on issues dealing with: 
Sexually discriminated communities
Differently abled

Seminars at various levels.
December 2013
Incorporate gender issues


Convener: Rev. John G. Mathews


Social Department  – Rev. John G Mathews, Rev. Jacob Varghese, Rev. V.P. Philip, Rev. Raju Thomas, Rev. Prasad Mathew, Rev. Mathew K Chandy

To integrate the different social programmes within the Diocese
To respond to issues through different forums
To  be the spokesdepartment of the Diocese for the social issues in the political/social/religious fields

Time period: December 2013

Facilitation of church based groups for social engagements.


Convener: Rev. Dr. P.G. George

Clergy Resource Development – Rev. Dr. P.G. George, Rev. Dr. Koshy P. Varghese

To use the resources of Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth and to equip the clergy of the Diocese through refresher courses.

To provide a Welcome Kit that gives an idea of the local scenario and the means to handle the situation.

A one-week training to the new Achens.

To equip the clergy to learn the local language.

Time Period: Ongoing programme


Convener: Rev. Shinoi Joseph

Clergy Care – Rev. Shinoi Joseph, Rev. Joseph Ayroorkuzhy, Rev. Issac P. Johnson

To help relate and have a strong bond among clergy to clergy and their families

To guide the clergy and the families cope with traumatic situations

To keep a database of the families and to be in touch as well be a part of the family through functions and festivals.

To strengthen the bond and give support – Missionary Clergy/Parish Clergy.

Time Period: Ongoing Programme


Convener: Rev. Dr. Koshy P Varghese

Counselling – Rev. Prasad Mathew, Rev. Zachariah Alexander, Mrs. Suja Prasad.

To have a regular systematic pre-/post-marital counselling within the Diocese.

To have a counselling desk to deal with different issues.

Counselling course for the barefoot counsellor (Edavaka)

School Counselling Programme

Family Apostolate Sessions

Books for children, youth, young couples.

Cater to the needs of marital life crisis

Time Period: December 2013


Convener: Rev. Jacob P. Thomas

MISSION DESK – Rev. James Idiculla, Rev. Philip Baby, Rev. Nebu K Varghese

Integrating churches and mission fields

To evaluate and critically evolve contextual strategies.

To create vision and mission statement for the diaspora emerging church.

Visit of various groups to the mission fields.

Integrating the parish and the mission fields.

To identify places where there are no converts and have no opportunity of Holy Communion and to give fellowship to clergy/evangelists posted in those areas.

Time Period: Ongoing Programme


HRD – Rev. C. John, Rev. Rev. Minoy M Kuruvilla, Rev. K.A Jacob 
Convener: Rev. Dr. P.P. Thomas

To update the data base available and to create different groups within the data base 
To use the resource of the groups in the building up of the Diocese’ ministry.
Equipping different groups that are talented with the media group.

Time Period: February 2014




Rev. Jijo Varghese, Rev. Prathish George, Rev. Binu Cherian, Rev. Mathew K Chandy

Convener: Rev. Jijo Varghese

To strengthen the chaplaincy program among the youths and children of the Diocese
To pay special attention to the mixed group within the Parish/Diocese.
Arrange a meeting for the mixed group with the Bishop.
Formation of worship patterns in local dialect.

Time Period: February 2014


Rev. Sunil George Mathew
Rev, Issac P. Johnson
Rev. Zachariah Alexander
Rev. Sajeev Thomas
Rev. Jijo Varghese

Convener: Rev. Sunil George Mathew

To train and equip contextually the clergy/resource persons to deal with the youths and children

To have a systematic pattern and syllabus for camps and conferences

To make optimal use resources  – Achens’ Gospel Team

To equip the youths in different creative methodologies of reaching out.

Time Period: February 2014

GENERAL CONVENER: Rev. John G. Mathews