Missionary: Rev. John Oommen
Address: Christa Jyothi Seva Sangh, Godaval Road, 
Beohari P. O., Shadol Dist., 
Madhya Pradesh - 484 774
Evangelists: Mr. Giridhari Bag and Manikya Nanda
Started: The Mission Centre was started in June 1997. The pioneers were Mr. Mathew Abraham, 
Mr. M. C. Varghese and Mr. T. S. Jose.
  • Mission work is carried on, concentrating in 5 villages around Beohari.
  • Hindi worship services are conducted every Sunday and around 50 members attend the service.
  • Sunday worship services at the Mission School, Godaval and Bansagar.
  • Balavadi schools under the Grama Jyoti project in five villages, New Baronda, Bensukli, Basur Mohalla, Saket Mohalla and Marthandganj.
  • Tailoring School and Medical care programme.
  • By the completion of 13 years of witnessing Christ in this soil, we could accomplish the dream of the seekers and believers to have a worship place in Beohari.
  • The Sangh speakes volumes of effort put in by the missionarie through the Christa Jyoti Mission School