"Our Delhi Diocese is focusing on the theme “Redeeming Life, Renewal of Families” for the next three years. The theme is very relevant in this era since human life is threatened due to various reasons. We can’t ignore the exploitation against the creations in general and human beings in particular. The understanding regarding family is being distorted in many respects. One can’t neglect the new trends such as single parenting, ‘live in relationship,’ etc. Divorces are increasing drastically. Youngsters are moving away from the sacred sacrament of marriage. We need to be conscious about the marital issues, parenting issues, old age distresses and addictions.” - Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa

The Delhi Diocese is the diaspora face of the Mar Thoma Church in North India. As a migrant faith community, we celebrate the experiences and the memories of the first generation; we are in engagement with the dilemmas and the in-betweenness of the second generation and the crisis of the evolving identity of the third generation. We affirm life in the midst of conflicts, violence, and alienation & the possibilities of reclaiming life.

The following are the proposals for action plan in order to initiate the process of revitalization of Worshipping Community.

1. A Study Booklet

  • Testimony of the Diaspora; Hybridity, Marginality and Liminality
  • Issues faced by children, youth, women, senior citizens, labor force in the new context of migration and transit.
  • Testimony of the Mission Communities and its challenges.
  • Theological and the Biblical expositions to address the issues of the Faith communities in this Diaspora Context.

2. Enlivening the Families

  • Family Fellowships at various levels
  • Pre – Marital, Post – Marital Counseling Programmes
  • Family Get Togethers in association with Dharma Jyoti
  • Parenting / Geriatric / Palliative / Care Programmes
  • Challenges and Concerns of Social Media especially Youths, Sunday School, etc.

3. Revitalizing Parish

  • Bible Studies addressing the issues of the Diaspora.
  • Initiating Bible Studies for specific sections Eg: Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Other Employers, Entrepreneurs, etc
  • Organising specific programmes for addressing the Challenges and concerns of Youth in this region.
  • Preparing the liturgical samples to address various issues and concerns of the members of the worshipping community.
  • Ensuring the participation and the leadership of the laity in our Worship and other Parish activities

Equipping Clergy

  • Resource mobilization: Clergy as facilitators, availing resources.
  • Initiating Programmes for making Clergy more creative.
  • Making Clergy Family a space of Hospitality
  • Initiating Get Togethers for Clergy and Families
  • Auditing of the Activities of the Clergy.