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(2010 – 2011)

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. Unless the Lord guards the city, the guard keeps watch in vain.” (Psalms 127:1)

The world was at the brink of an economic disaster. Political pundits and economic prophets saw the worst! The threat of climatic change and ecological imbalances created havoc in the international arena. Japan recently experienced a ‘holocaust’ through the earthquake and the tsunami. But we also have seen the tides change as signs of prosperity are now dawning on the world community. Political instability in the nations of the world reveals the people’s aspiration for freedom and their quest for a just and fair society. India itself recently witnessed the emergence of Anna Hazare, who challenged corruption and related evils in our society. The Indian populace rose to the occasion and offered support to the new initiative to create a corruption-free society. Many of these changes are also reflecting in our own Diocese.

The Mar Thoma Church is celebrating the 175th Anniversary of the Malankara Reformation. We have elected three Achens to the office of Episcopa. The mission challenges in the emerging globalized world are great, but the possibilities are even greater. The year 2010-2011 was significant for the Delhi Diocese. We have embarked on new ventures in the mission field by giving primary education to the underprivileged. We have also tried to spread the light of the Gospel by establishing of schools in different parts of North India.

We have to move forward with the ‘moving God’ who goes before us and makes our way clear. God’s abundant mercy and care were reflected in all the endeavours we have undertaken so far. It is with prayer and thanks to the Almighty God that I present the Sixth Annual Report for the year 2010-2011 on behalf of the Diocesan Council. This report places on record the wholehearted guidance and efforts of the Diocesan Bishop, the committed cooperation of the clergy, evangelists and the laity in the mission fields and parishes of this Diocese.

His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa, has been in charge of the Diocese since January 2009. He provides efficient and effective leadership to the activities of the Delhi Diocese. Since Thirumeni heads two Dioceses of our Church–one at Delhi and the other at Mumbai–travel has become a regular feature as he covers the length and breadth of this part of the country to visit us all. Being a good orator, he inspires the children, the youth and the elders alike.

Besides being a spiritual leader for the Mar Thomites and members of other churches, he is also popular among other religious communities. He has many admirers and followers in the secular world because of his innate ability to inspire confidence and trust in everyone he meets. His acquaintance with those in the fields of politics, bureaucracy and academics, has helped open new avenues for all-round expansion of mission work. His Lordship visited almost all the parishes and institutions of this Diocese. His visits are always cherished by the community because of the powerful and inspiring messages he delivers during these visits.

For over 6 years now, the Delhi Diocese with 64 parishes and 25 congregations spread across 18 states, has being running its mission in the northern part of India. We are actively involved in various mission outreach programmes, educational activities and social projects. The help and support of all the parishes and congregations have enriched the activities of the Diocese.

Our Diocese faces unique and unprecedented challenges because of the diversity of culture, the plurality of languages and its geographical extent. The overall membership across all the parishes and congregations has been on the decline, mainly because of migration. However, opportunities and challenges are often the two sides of the same coin.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa, the Diocesan Bishop, presided over the sixth Diocesan Assembly meeting which was held on Saturday, 10th July, 2010 at the Mar Thoma Centre, Gole Market, New Delhi. The meeting commenced with the opening worship led by Rev. Siju C. Philip and Rev. Benny Mathew. Rev. Dr. G. Varughese gave the devotional talk based on Eze. 33:1-9. Rev. Thomas Cheriyan, the Diocesan Secretary, extended a warm welcome to Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa and all the members of the assembly.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa, in His Presidential address, gave his thanks to God for the opportunity to serve the Diocese over the last year. He also thanked the clergy and the laity who cooperated with Thirumeni in his ministry. Thirumeni acknowledged the service of the former Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Jayan Thomas and welcomed the new Secretary, Rev. Thomas Cheriyan. Thirumeni also made a reference to the life of the late Rev. Mathew Thomas.

As the Church is celebrating the 80th birthday of Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, Thirumeni placed on record a hearty birthday wish to His Grace Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, on behalf of the Delhi Diocesan Assembly. Then, Thirumeni made an evaluation of the overall ministry of the Diocese. All parishes, Gram Jyoti schools, other main stream schools, mission fields etc. are functioning well and bear witness to Our Lord. He particularly congratulated the Ranchi School for its recent achievements.

Thirumeni reminded the people of the newly launched project with the brand name – Delhi Mar Thoma Public School. The first school of this kind has started at Ghaziabad. Though we had heavy financial commitment, we are moving forward with this project. He acknowledged the dedicated service of Rev. Alexander Thomas in this venture. Thirumeni also spoke about the Agra project, another important project of the Diocese. Thirumeni pointed out that the Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth is giving meaningful witness in the North Indian context and looking ahead to develop further.

He also said that since we are in the capital city of India, we have to address the challenges of the Indian society. We have to start the projects for the poor, the marginalized and the needy. Social initiatives have to be taken up at parish level too. He pointed out that we have to equip our parish and our people for meaningful intervention in our local community. Participation of people in evangelization is very important. Proceeds from Suvisheha Nidhi should be collected at least twice in every year. We will be observing the second Sunday of August as the Diocesan Sunday. Conferences at Diocesan level – Yuvajana Sakhyam, Sunday School and Sevika Sangham etc. should be an opportunity to challenge our young people to enter the ministry of the Lord.

Major decisions of the Diocesan Assembly:

    (a) Passed the Annual Report for the year 2009-2010, the Income and Expenditure Account for the year that ended on March 31, 2010, the Balance Sheet as on March 31, 2010, as well as the Budget for the year 2010-2011 of the Diocese.
    (b) Approved the Annual Report and Accounts for the year 2009-2010 and the Budget for the year 2010-2011 of the Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth.
    (c) The following nominations to the Diocesan Council were ratified unanimously: Rev. Dr. Moni Mathew, Rev. George Cherian, Rev. P. C. James & Rev. Thomas Cheriyan.

During the year, the Diocesan Council met four times to transact business related to the smooth functioning of the Diocese. The Council has taken the following major decisions during its meetings:

  1. Nominations to the Diocesan Council and formation of Sub-committees.
  2. Effective functioning of the Diocesan programmes like Juhanon Mar Thoma Memorial Lecture, Diocesan Convention, Annual Fete, Gloria-in-Excelsis, Christmas get-together, etc.
  3. Renovation of the Mar Thoma Centre, Gole Market, New Delhi
  4. Progress of the construction of the Mar Thoma Centre, Agra
  5. Purchase of a new car for the Ghaziabad School.
  6. Starting of the social project, “Jeevan Jyothi”
A list of the Diocesan Council members is given elsewhere in this report.

Diocesan Secretary
Rev. Jayan Thomas continued to serve as the Diocesan Secretary for the month of April and later Rev. Thomas Cheriyan took over as the Diocesan Secretary. Rev. Thomas Cheriyan served as the Bishop’s Secretary and the Vicar of the Bethel MTC, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, and the Mar Thoma Church, Agra. He was the representative of the Mar Thoma Church in the Delhi Christian Cemetery Committee and member of the Christian Advisory committee of the Delhi Minorities Commission.

Diocesan Treasurer
Advocate K. Thomas continued to serve as the Diocesan Treasurer. We express our thanks and appreciation to him for his dedication, help and support in all the activities of the Diocese.

The Mar Thoma Centre, New Delhi, is the hub of all the activities of the Diocese. A team consisting of Mr. Binu C. Varghese and Mr. Shibu A. Thomas was instrumental in keeping the records and accounts in the Diocesan Office. We express our gratitude to them as well as to the other staff who undertake different responsibilities - Mr. Bipin C. Varghese, Mr. Chacko Thomas, and Mr. Mohamed Mastaqi (caretaker).

The chapel at the Mar Thoma Centre was used to hold different programmes of the church. On a special request, the facility was made available to the Chaldean Church to celebrate Holy Communion services.

The Mar Thoma Service Agency at the Mar Thoma Centre caters to the needs of all the parishes in North India for Bibles, Church Registers, Worship books, Publications of our Church and our Diocese, Cassettes, Holy Communion wafer and wine, etc.

During the reporting year, we did maintenance work for the exterior of the building and the interior of the dormitory and guest room. His grace, Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan granted Rs. Two Lakhs towards this expense. We express our profound thanks to Metropolitan and the Mar Thoma Sabha Council.

A total of 68 Achens served in the Diocese during the year. The wholehearted effort of the team has been an immense strength to the various programmes of our Diocese. We express our deep gratitude to all our dear Achens and their families for their devotion to work, commitment to the Lord and zeal for mission.

Fifty-three evangelists served in the 14 Diocesan mission centres. The Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association has 17 mission centres and 44 evangelists in our Diocese. We record our sincere thanks to these evangelists and their families for their dedicated work.

The Diocesan Sunday was observed on August 8, 2010 and the pulpit exchange programme was arranged in all parishes and congregations. This year, we also strived to collect money for the Heritage Fund as per Thirumeni’s Circular Kalpana No.11.

Achens, Evangelists and Assembly members were deputed to all the parishes and congregations of the Diocese. This year, an amount of Rs.19, 80,980.82 was collected as Heritage Fund. We extend our sincere thanks to those who contributed generously to the Fund and those who helped in collecting it.

The Suvishesha Nidhi collection through the boxes distributed among the members of the Diocese is one of the major financial resources for the mission activities in our Diocese. The amount from the boxes is collected by the respective parishes in the last quarter of every year. This year we received Rs. 2,55,403.00. We note that some parishes have not remitted the Suvishesha Nidhi Collection this year. We seek the whole-hearted participation of all in this noble venture.

The Diocesan Convention was held from October 29 to 31, 2010 at St John’s School Campus, New Delhi. Convention meetings were held on the evenings of October 29 and 30. A Youth meeting was held in the morning of October 30. Holy Qurbana was followed by the closing session of the convention on Sunday, October 31.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos inaugurated the convention and presided over the meetings. Rev. A. T. Zachariah (Vicar, Jerusalem Church, Anna Nagar, Chennai) spoke at all the convention meetings as well as at the youth meeting. Preparatory meetings were held at different places. Rev. Prasad Mathew served as the General Convener of the Diocesan Convention.

The Annual Fete and Kerala Food Carnival were held on October 31, 2010, after the convention meetings at St. John’s School from 12:00 noon to 4.30 pm. Food stalls were set up by the Delhi Centre parishes. We record our profound thanks to all the parish members who worked day and night to make the food carnival a success and a memorable event.

A programme by the Sunday School children of the Delhi Centre parishes were an added attraction to the Fete. The programme owed its success to the fellowship and the cooperation that parish members extended to one another. We thank each one of them, as we were able to raise an amount of approximately Rs. 1.6 lakh from this event. Rev. Siju C. Philip served as the General Convener of the event.

The Agra Centre that we all dream of is becoming a reality. The first phase of the construction (ground + 1) is almost over. We have spent a sum of Rs.58,60,323.50. The total estimated cost for this project is Rs.95 lakh. Mr. Harish Kumar Sharma is the contractor and Mr. T. V. George of the Agra parish serves as the Site Engineer. We hope that this building complex with worship facility for the Agra Parish would provide quality accommodation and excellent services to those who visit Agra city.

A joint Clergy Conference of the Delhi and Mumbai Dioceses was held from March 1 to 4, 2010 at Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences University, Allahabad, U P. Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos and Rev. Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla, (Principal, Mar Thoma Theological Seminary, Kottayam), were the main leaders of the Conference. The theme of the Conference was “Reformation: Live the Gospel”. A total of 93 Achens from both Dioceses participated in the conference. The Diocese expresses its gratitude to the Allahabad and Varanasi parishes and individuals who contributed in cash and kind towards the conference.

A Christmas get-together was held at the Mar Thoma Centre, Gole Market, New Delhi, on December 9, 2010. Dignitaries like Hon. Union Minister of State, Prof. K. V. Thomas, Mr. T. K. A. Nair, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, a large number of MPs and other dignitaries, as well as our Achens from the Delhi Centre attended the get-together. Rev. Jiju Joseph served as the Convener for this event.

A Christmas Musical Concert for World Peace was held at St. Columb’s School, Ashok Place, New Delhi, on December 11, 2010. A choir of 100 members drawn from various parishes of the Delhi Centre sang at the programme and Sunday School children from the Delhi parishes performed few dance recitals.

A musical concert by “The Delhi Arts & Communication Group” and a cake-cutting ceremony by our Diocesan Episcopa, Dr Zaffar Mahmood, Swami Agnivesh, Catholic Arch Bishop Vincent Concessao and Dr Nanditha Narayan, were the other highlights of the musical evening. Dr. Karan Singh, the Chief Guest gave the Christmas message. There was a Margom Kali presented by the students of Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth, Faridabad under the able leadership of Rev K P Johnson. A good number of people attended the programme. Rev. Sam Abraham served as the General Convener.

This year, the “People’s Christmas” was organized in front of the Diocesan Centre on December 25, 2010 at 6.30 pm. Carol groups from the Delhi Centre parishes under the leadership of the Vicars sang carols for the public. The Christmas message was given by Rev. John Oommen (Ghaziabad). Cake was distributed among those who attended the programme. The dinner was sponsored by the Sevika Sangham of the St. Thomas MTC, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

The Juhanon Mar Thoma Lecture was delivered by Dr. Syeda Saiyidain Hameed - the Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad and Member of the Planning Commission. It was held at Constantine Hall, YWCA, New Delhi, on September 19, 2010. Quoting from Juhanon Mar Thoma's book, “Christianity in India and a Brief History of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church,” she spoke on the subject, “Development, Human Rights and Compassion.”

Dr Hameed said that the changing context of our lives urges us to redefine our interventions. We witness hopelessness, pain and the violence around us. We need to invoke the ethics of compassion, which is the fundamental human value that urges us to empathize with fellow human beings and look at things from their perspectives. She reiterated Juhanon Mar Thoma’s call to react to changing contexts and redefine our own actions.

The Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev Dr Abraham Mar Paulos presided over the well-attended meeting. Rev. Dr. Moni Mathew welcomed the gathering. The choir groups of Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Immanuel M T C, Noida and a Special Choir under the leadership of Rev. Raju Thomas rendered melodious songs during the function. Rev. C. John served as the convenor to this event.

The reference library at the Mar Thoma Centre is used by many people. We thank ISPCK and the well-wishers who donated books to the library.

The Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti Education and Development Society is one of the registered societies of the Mar Thoma Church functioning under the Delhi Diocese. It come to existence on 12th September 1996 and became a registered society on 4th February 1997. The Society was established to promote eradication of illiteracy in the northern part of the country and implement necessary development projects needed for the overall upliftment of the down trodden people living in the remote villages. At present 83 schools including balvadies, primary, middles high and higher secondary level spread over 13 states are functioning under the society. Tailoring classes, job oriented courses, youth and women classes, Medical camps etc. are arranged for the benefit of the villagers by some of the units of the society. Assistance from NGO’s like Compassion International, KNH etc. being sought for implementation in some of units. A project, viz Padosi Child Development Centre, under assistance of Compassion International has been started at Nagpur managed by the Nagpur Parish and running very smoothly. The Society is registered under ITA 12-A, & 80G and also under FCRA.

(1) SRIKAKULAM (Andhra Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. Philip Baby
Number of Evangelists: 35
The Mar Thoma Mission, Srikakulam is a missionary endeavour of the Delhi Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church. The area of missionary intervention spreads across the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh and the Gajapati district of Odisha. These places are mostly populated by people from the Tribal and Dalit community who earn their living by agriculture, cattle-rearing etc. Most of them are from Soura community.

Th Missionary Achen, 35 Evangelists and 12 other staff members reach more than 100 villages through mission activities. The mission now caters to over 650 families in this area. By appointing local Evangelists we have been able to teach the Word. Regular worship takes place with hymns, praise and worship, sermons and the celebration of the Holy Communion.

We built chapels in four villages; one more chapel is under construction. In October 2010, a chapel was dedicated in the village of Mukundapuram. We were able to achieve this much because of the generous contributions of our people from different parts of the world. This year, 72 believers were baptized.

The mission runs 3 hostels for girls with 49 girls staying in these hostels. The boys hostel currently accomodates14 boys from different villages. All the children staying at these hostels come from the underprivilaged sections of the society. We later enroll them in an English medium school nearby.

Balwadies are functioning at 7 centers under the able leadership of 7 tutors. In addition to the services provided by tutors, our Evangelists too give the necessary leadership. The Mar Thoma Tribal school is functioning at Killada village and teaches Saura, the dialect used in the tribal villages. Tailoring schools run by the mission are at Maniga and Chinnayyapeta villages.

As the villagers cannot afford any medical expenses, we fund the treatment for needy patients. Many marriages were organised by the mission. The mission activities include regular house visits, prayer meetings, group work, Bible class for Evangelists, Sunday school, youth meeting, ladies meeting etc.

A Vacation Bible School was organised in the month of April. About 320 students attended. A youth meeting was organised in the month of October. Our Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa and Delhi Diocese Youth Secretary, Samuel Philip Mathew were the leaders. About 270 young people attended.

A convention was organised in the month of January. Evangelist Thomas Varghese, Kerala delivered the messages and the meetings took place in Somagandi, Javam, Killada and Dimmidijola villages. Workers meetings were conducted regularly for Evangelists and other staff members. Family Christmas was organised in Palakonda and Rev. T. Babu delivered the Christmas message. About 600 people attended this meeting.

We have purchased 3.5 acres of land at Kolluvalsa village, with the help of the Ahamadi Mar Thoma Parish, Kuwait. A hostel building is under construction there.

Missionary: Rev. Sunil George Mathew
Evangelists: Mr. Giridhari Bag and Mr Manikya Nanda
Volunteers: Mr. Siju Samuel, Mr. Ajith Rajan and Mr. Nitin John Chacko

The Christa Jyoti Seva Sangh served by Giridhar Bag, Manikya Nanda, Sujith Ranjan Bishoi and Sumadhur Paricha is led by missionary Rev. Sunil George Mathew. The balwadies at Basoor Mohalla, New Baroondha and Bansukhli help about 122 families.

(3) ITARSI MISSION (Madhya Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. P. J. Varghese
The Mission, which started in 1997, has three programmes.

  1. The Gram Jyoti School has 172 children in the primary section and eleven teachers.

  2. Mother and Child programme.
    Under this programme we periodically conduct medical check up to pregnant women and mothers with new born babies. We also distribute nutritive supplements to the above group. The Diocesan of North America supports this work.

  3. This year too we conducted Vocation Bible School. There were 150 students from villagers attended. Students are mainly from non-Christian background.

(4) TAIMER MISSION (Madhya Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. D. Sunil
Evangelist: Mr. Bovas George

The Taimer Mission field was established in the year 1997 following a devastating earth quake that rocked the city of Jabalpur and the villages nearby. We adopted the villages for relief and rehabilitation work. About 60 new houses were built with relief grant received from the Sabha office. These houses were handed over to the villagers by the then Metropolitan and the Diocesan Episcopa and in the presence of the local political and religious leaders.

A Gram Jyoti school was started there in the year 1998 and now it is a high school. About 350 students mostly from Harijan and Adivasi Community are studying. Two Balvadies are functioning in the adjacent villages. The evangelist visits the houses of the villagers regularly.

Tailoring classes are run for the benefit of the non-school going girls and women free of cost. Efforts are made to supply free textbooks, bags etc to the students either from Govt. / own sources. Financial help in extended to the villagers for medical treatment, marriages, funeral etc. The Taimer centre is functioning under Suvishesa Sanghom.

(5) KANPUR MISSION (Uttar Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. K. A. Jacob
Evangelist: Mr. Joby G. Thomas

The Kanpur Mar Thoma Mission field has provided a ray of hope to the villagers of Tiwaripur. Currently, a Gram Jyothi school with 115 children and 6 teachers is catering to students between LKG to Grade 5. This year, we implemented an English medium syllabus at the kindergarten level. Most of these students are children of rickshaw-pullers and daily wage workers.

This year, we started a project called CARD – Mar Thoma Bal Vikas Kendra in collaboration with Compassion International. Presently we have sponsored 140 children. The parents take active interest in sending the children to our school. The villagers and parents are invited to participate in the Republic Day, Independence Day and Christmas celebrations. This financial year, we are planning to extend our classes and for this, we urgently need to construct our school building.

(6) VARANASI MISSION (Uttar Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. Biju Sam
Evangelist: Mr. P. I. Jose

Varanasi Mar Thoma Mission is one of the fast growing mission fields in Delhi Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church in North India. The mission project “Shanti Darshan” was introduced in the year 1995. This field is located in Chamavu village of Tharna- Varanasi. In Chamavu people of different caste and religion are staying there and around that region. Also Dalit people are staying in Dalit Colonies. This place is very close to Babatpur Airport, Varanasi. Living standards of the people are very poor. Due to lack of Education and proper public awareness they lack Job facilities and financial stability. Many Children of this village are not yet seen School life. So many girls at the marriageable age is here, but the financial problems pull them back from a family life. The prayerful support of 9 Mar Thoma Families of Varanasi Congregation, the inspiration of Diocesan Bishops, Missionary Achens and Evangelists were amazing in the growth of this mission. Evg. P.I. Jose and his family stays in our mission centre and work for the upliftment of the Villagers. This year Evg. Thomas Mathew joined in our mission.

We provide tailoring training to village girls to earn their living. Now 19 Students are there regularly. We provide free tuition facility to the poor village students who are studying in upper classes. Now we have 31 Harijan and Aadivasi students there. One of our students recently got a government Job in Health Department.

We conduct daily prayer meetings in our mission Centre. The villagers from Chamau, Shivpur and Musairgaon are the regular participants of this fellowship.

Missionary: Rev. Bijoy Daniel
Evangelist: Mr. Basant Singh

The Mar Thoma Mission at Bari Brahmana, near Jammu Tawi, has entered the sixth year of its mission journey. Now we have five Balwadies and two tailoring schools. Nearly 300 children attend the balwadies. The main activities of the mission include regular house visits, prayer meetings, tuition classes and celebration of different festivals.

We also have a sports ministry there. The Delhi Centre Parish Mission supports our mission. Last year, we got a two-wheeler for the mission with the help of the Chandigarh, Ludhiana and the Jalandhar parishes. We urgently need a mission house of our own.

Missionary : Rev. Jacob John V.
Evangelist : Joby John Philips

Marthoma Navjeevan Kendra with its outreach activities towards humanitarianism has proved necessary for the upliftment of the society in the region of Ambikapur. The spirit of the mission is to create a healthy society in the realm of spirituality and social awareness.

The first batch of the Tailoring centre has successfully completed their training program and received their certificates. There were 10 trainees and they made the best use of the trainer. The second batch has already begun.

Missionary: Rev. Joseph J. Ayrookuzhy

With God’s Grace our work is in progress. Our evangelistic work is concentrated in about 15 villages around Ranchi city; viz. Mahuatoli, Karamtoil, Tethar Kochar, Hatia, Jaganathpur, Bellalong, Lalkottuha, Kumbatoli, Dam side, Hadshore, Nachibettu, Anitoli, Khad Bhandar, Kutte, Tipundana, Hatia, Sahartoli. Five new family members are in contact and showing interest to join our community.

Sunday worship is conducted at Marthoma Church, Ranchi on every Sunday and Holy Communion is conducted once in every month. 45 members including 14 families attend the worship, regularly. Evg. Lijo Jose conducts and delivers the sermon on Sundays.

Sunday school class is conducted on every Sunday, after the service. 10to 12 students attend Sunday school classes Sunday school classes are lead by Evangelist Maya Kerketta, Augustine Ekka and Neol. Bible classes in CRPF Campus is conducted on Saturdays. 15 to 20 students attend the classes. These classes are lead by Evg. Lijo Jose and Mrs. Sherin. Bible classes in Nurse Colony is conducted on Sunday Evenings by Ms. Mamta Kachhap. 7 -10 students attend the classes.

Cottage prayer is conducted every week in the house of believers and non believers; about 12-14 people attend the prayer meeting.

16 students are attending the classes daily at Sambastolil in the evening. Classes are conducted by Ms. Francia. At Sakhua Bagan 25 students are attending the classes and classes are conducted by Mrs. Tager Ekka. At Nurse Colony classes has been started.

A school is run by the Navajeevan Kendram at Sakhua Bagan. Now 286 new students attend the classes. We have SIX teachers.

Tailoring Centre Pathratoli: Now 17 students are pursuing the course.

Adult Classes are conducted in Barkocha, Mausibadi and Nurse Colony about 23 students altogether attend the classes. At Sakhua Bagan we have 40 students.

(10) North Eastern Mar Thoma Centre, Jagaddal, Kolkata(West Bengal)
Missionary: Rev. Issac G. Varghese
Evangelist: Mr. Mathew Thomas

The Jagaddal Mission work, started in 1999, as a part of the Golden Jubilee Project of the Kolkata Mar Thoma Church, is doing very well. The project located at Jagaddal village, 21 kms from the Kolkata Church. The Parish purchased 7 acres of land and developed in many ways. There are four charitable societies, working along with Parish and through these societies the Village development and other social up-liftment programmes prevailing. Together with Compassion East India, we reached out to several villages and were able to help 320 school going children to grow spiritually, economically and socially along with their parents. We were also able to provide help and care to pregnant mothers and support poor villagers by providing financial help for marriage and repair of their homes. An English medium school, started in 2004, today has classes up to std.VI. Under the Gram Jyoti programme, we run several balwadies. They have benefited 140 students. Sunday Prayer meeting and Cottage meetings were held at centre and different houses. This year we conducted a Christmas mela on December 17 and 18 in which more than 4000 people attended.

Missionary / Project Manager: Rev. Vinod P. Job

This project is running with the help of Compassion East India. We serve the slums in the radius of 2 to 3 kms around our church. We have 322 students at our centre. Along with the project manager, we have 18 other staff. Under this project, we provide services under four main heads:-

  1. Physical:- Under this head, we provide school and project uniforms, raincoats, bags, shoes, hygiene products and one-time protein foods. Medical treatment, health education, personal hygiene, first aid, dental educations and sports are also provided.

  2. Spiritual:- We are providing the community with spiritual food as well. Every Saturday, our CDW workers conduct Bible classes for all the children. At these classes, we teach them Bible verses and Christian hymns. We also conduct spiritual camps, gospel-sharing retreat and VBS for the children.

  3. Socio-Emotional:- We teach our students how they can become responsible citizens; we also to help them to have a healthy relationship with the family and society. We provide personal counseling, field trips and picnics, general knowledge, news and T.V. Programs as well as arts and crafts trainings.

  4. Education:- We provide our students with formal education, tuitions and coaching and vocational skills training including computer education and spoken English. We distribute textbooks, note books, school supplies and school uniforms. We conduct monthly tests and educational film shows.

  5. House Visits:- Thrice a week, our social workers visit the homes of these children.

  6. Parents Meeting:- Once a month, we have parent meetings. We conduct Parent awareness programmes, classes on AIDS and family planning.

  7. Friday Prayer meeting:- Friday prayer meetings are conducted for the teachers and the children. These have been successfully by God's grace.

We are starting few hostels at Utkal in Orissa. We have begun the primary enquiry at various places and few parishes and people are interested in supporting that mission. Adv. Cyrus has identified few areas and we are taking up these challenge. We hope and pray that this will help many children of that area.

Missionary: Rev. Bijoy Daniel
Evangelist: Mr. Soumya Ranjan Naik
This is a new mission started by the Sangham. We are looking forward to the new opportunities. The evangelist is trying to understand the circumstances and the opportunities.

Acharya: Rev. James Idicula

Christa Panthi Ashram is a faith venture started by Rev. K. T. Thomas, Rev. M. P. Mathew and Rev. John Varghese in the year 1942. At present the Ashram community consists of 21 permanent members following the principles of simplicity, obedience and chastity.

The main objective of the ashram is to convey the gospel message through life, activities and witnessing. There are seven mission centres in various villages in and around Sihora. Evangelists reside and work at these centres. Evangelistic work includes Sunday Schools, VBS and Jail Ministry.

11 students are undergoing three-years training in Evangelism and Rural Development here at the Easow Mar Timotheos Centre.

We have 18 boys and 14 girls in our hostels for tribals. They are nurtured under Ashram discipline and are involved in its activities.

Through Shanti Bhavan – the destitute home, we provide shelter and care to the needy. We also provide food materials to some aged and ill people through Shanti Bhavan.

The Ashram hospital renders services to the poor people of the village. One junior doctor is working at this hospital. To function smoothly, we are in urgent need of the services of permanent doctors.

Due to social and economic backwardness, children from villages are deprived of proper education. We run balwadies and provide them with primary education facilities. At present, there are two higher secondary schools, two middle schools and three primary schools functioning under Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti Education and Development Society.

There is a weaving and knitting project in Imlapura village, managed by sisters, through which assistance is given to oppressed women.

The ashram is also involved in relief and rehabilitation work and has adopted Bhattia Village and work towards its holistic development.

The activities of the ashram are carried out through the voluntary contribution of friends and relatives. We thank all of them and thust that God will do everything for His glory.

Missionary Rev. C. A. Varghese

Satna Ashram was established in 1952 by the “Kaviyoor Group”, namely Rev. A. T. Chacko, Rev. M. P. Thomas, Rev. A. M. Abraham and Mr. Kurian Alexander. We praise God for their initiatives and vision. There after for the last 58 years many have joined the their mission and continuing the work in and around Satna and Rewa. For the last few years we are facing difficulties from different group accruing in that we are trying to change religion. In the midst of all this tribulation work is taking place with the cooperation of villages. We are running balavadies and coaching classes at Patori, Hati and Kulbadi villages. 130 students are attending the balawadies. We have 300 children from KG – I, to Std. VIII in our Gram Jyoti Hindi medium school. There is alos a computer training centre which we conduct classes for six months and one year.

Director: Rev. Shaji Thomas

The Khrist Seva Kendra located at Kshipra in Dewas Dt. MP, was established in 1978 as a unit of Christian Agency for Rural Development (CARD). Since then, it has been working in the most backward areas in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Orissa. The programmes focus on children, women, Dalits and people living below the poverty line. The KSK is taking great efforts to enhance the quality of education, health, child-care and nutrition of these people.

A number of our institutions like St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Easow Mar Thimothieos Memorial Hostel, 5 Gram Jyothi Schools, 14 balwadies, 3 medical centers, Sarvodaya Child Development and Survival Projects, Sanjivani Care and support to PLHA and HIV/AIDS affected and infected patients are serving the local community.

We also run child-focused community development projects, special programmes for widows that have enhanced the self-sufficiency and improved the lifestyle of the community. Construction of small houses, low-cost toilets, rain-water harvesting structures and land development activities has also brought relief to the poor.

The wholistic approach of KSK is providing room for inter-religious dialogues and co-operation in the development sector. Presently, 96 staff are working in various capacities with Rev. Shaji Thomas serves as the Director of KSK.

Missionary: Rev. George Cherian
Evangelists: Mr. Samuel Mathew, Mr. Philipose Habel, Mr. Makhanlal Gole

This Mission is situated in Sehatganj village. It seeks to reach out to the unreached through its various social, educational, developmental and evangelistic programs. The Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan Chatravas (hostel) provided accommodation and educational support to 14 boys from the villages around Sehatganj studying from Class 5 to Graduation level.

The Gram Jyoti School at Sehatganj has classes from Nursery to Grade 8 and provides quality education through English and Hindi medium to 90 students. The Gram Jyoti School at Pemat village has 25 students. The mission has community health work programs in 10 villages. Ten trained workers provide primary health care to infants, pregnant women, the sick and the aged in the village.

The mission started the ‘Asha Kiran’ project to help villagers to save money; it also provides loans to build houses, educate their children, start home-based businesses etc. As part of the project, one house was constructed and handed over to a villager and one student is being supported for technical education. The evangelists visit the villages regularly and conduct gospel clubs for the children.

(5) SHAHDOL MISSION (Madhya Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. R. P. Abraham

This Mission field under MTEA is located Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. This district is exclusively a tribal district governed by special laws and provisions of the State Act. The Mission here concentrates on a literacy programme. There is a hostel to accommodate 6 boys enabling them to study in a Hindi-medium school. There are 5 balwadies located Shahdol, Amlai and Chirimiri.

A Mar Thoma Tribal Congregation functions here and a Holy Communion is held every fifth Sunday in Hindi. There are two Hindi-medium schools and one English-medium school. During the current year, we started a Jail ministry – on second Saturdays at the sub-jail and on third Saturdays at the local District Jail. The mission work consists mainly of village visits, hospital visits, medical-housing-educational aid etc.

1. (a) Kalinga Mission, Orissa
Missionary : Rev. Binu Cherian

The Kalinga mission is currently delegating its activities from a small town in Rayagada District in Orissa.

We have adopted 410 tribal students from financially backward families; they are placed in 20 hostels across interior villages. We take care of their basic needs and provide them with best possible opportunities in education as well as spiritual nourishment. These children study in various classes from elementary school to college. We are focussing on improving their physical, emotional, moral and spiritual standards.

To preach the Good News, we have 19 evangelists who are working in and around 40 villages. Some of our village ministry are in naxal-hit areas; by God's grace, we haven’t faced any problems yet. We cover a geographical area of nearly 250 km.

Apart from these, we also concentrate on social activities, education programs, health camps , child development and community development programs.

(b) Khariar Road Mission
Missionary: Rev. Moncy Mathew

Orissa mission is the result of late Dr. Alexander Marthoma Metropolitan’s spiritual desire to start gospel work outside Kerala, in association with the reformation of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church’s “Third Golden jubilee”. Rev. M. P. Mathew Achen of Sihora Ashram & a member of our church, Dr. Thomas Mathew informed the Niranam – Maramon diocese council about the possibilities of starting up a gospel work in Khariar Road & they decided to start with the gospel work in Khariar Road. Accordingly, after a special service in the chapel of Dr. Thomas Mathew’s Christian Fellowship Hospital, Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan inaugurated the Khariar Road mission activities by lighting the candle on October 25th 1985.

Khariar Road belongs to the Nuapada district of the Orissa State. It is one of the poorest districts in the state. Now we have 14 workers. (Missionary Rev. Moncy Mathew, Boys Home Warden, Balika Bhavan Warden and Evangelists). We have 5 Balavadis, Tailoring Schools in different areas, Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan Navathy Computer Centre, Navajeen Hostel for Boys (74 Students), Balika Bhavan for Girls (Class 4th-12th, 31 Students), 4Village Hostels (Class 2nd-5th, 30 Students). Regular Prayer Meetings, Sunday Worship in all our Centres, V.B.S., Youth Meetings, Health awareness programme, Medical Camp, Seekers Meeting, Jail Ministry etc. are the other programmes of Orissa Mission.

(c) Kalahandi Mission
Missionary: Rev. Jacob K. Samuel, Rev. Shiju Thomas

The mission activities provide spiritual nourishment to 14 villages. There are 4 hostels, accommodating 115 children (55 girls and 60 boys), 6 Balwadis, 1 Chidiyaguda, 1 Gram Jyothi school and 1 Vana Jyothi Vidyalaya. We have initiated a compassion project of community development. The project aims at the wholistic development of 19 villages focussing on education, health, community-based organization and livelihood activities.

We are grateful to start the functioning of the long-cherished Health Care Centre. Dr. Shyjumon George from Chandigarh MTC has been providing leadership for this project. We have also done the ground work for starting an English-medium School here. The school will start functioning from June 2011. We praise God Almighty for the grace and peace that we have received.

Missionary: Rev. Sunil B. Zachariah
Evangelists: Dhan Singh Nayak, Parameswar Dayal, Jobi John & Jithin Lowernce.

The activities of Tibetan Border Mission are concentrated in three centers viz. Munsyari, Nachni and Berinag. With its manifold works, the Mission is actively participating in the life of the community around. In the year 2010-2011, we witnessed many social changes and challenges in the surroundings.

The unpredictable climatic and harsh geographic conditions, tough roads, the low rate of development along with the behavior and cultural patterns of the local people – all make life very difficult in the hills. The Tibetan Border Mission with the meaningful Christian presence contributes to the day-to-day life of the people to help them build a healthy society.

A brief account of the activities conducted by the Tibetan Border Mission is as follows:-

1. Medical Aid
With the low standard of living and lack of proper education, people are not very concerned about their health. The mission conducts awareness programmes among the villagers regarding health and hygiene.
We have a homoeopathic clinic functioning in Munsyari centre. Many people of the surrounding villages have benefited by this. As the only primary health clinic in Munsyari is 7 kms away, people find it a relief to have any medical facility they can get.

2. Cloth Distribution
We distribute clothes to the poor and the needy in nearby villages. The members of Borivili MTC, Mumbai collect clothes to send to the Mission every year. We express our thanks to them for their support.

3. Construction works
Using the Metropolitan Fund, we built the house of Mr. Mohan Sing Rawat of Jalath village.
The construction work of the new school building is progressing steadily. We will soon have enough rooms for the school library, the laboratory, a parking area, as well as more class rooms. We express our sincere thanks to the members of Adayar St. Pauls MTC and particularly Mrs. Elizabeth Varghese for making this dream come true.
We have to improve the infrastructure for the new school in Nachni too.

4. Spiritual activities
Regular Sunday school, ordinary Sunday worship, Holy Communion services and prayer meetings are conducted in all the three Mission centres of the Tibetan Border Mission. Regular house visits and spiritual assistance as well as counseling are provided to the people. Missionary Rev. Sunil B. Zachariah and evangelists provide leadership to all these activities.

5. Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Every July, an Annual VBS is conducted at all three mission centers under the leadership of the Missionary and the evangelists. Many children from the nearby villages attend this programme. Christian hymns, stories and moral exhortations are delivered to them through the VBS.

6. Visitors
The Diocesan Episcopa, Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos along with the Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Thomas Cheriyan visited the Mission, stayed with us and gave valuable suggestions, which heightened the enthusiasm of all the members of the Mission community to work vigorously for His Glory. A team from Dehradun, Mr. Dax and Mr Eby from Faridabad Seminary and many others visited the Mission this year. We hope they enjoyed our fellowship; their visits encouraged to all of us in the Mission. We also thanks the villagers who regularly visit our mission.

The responsibility of the Church to the society around was revealed through the mission activities. The mission functions with priority to the Kingdom values. The establishment of the Kingdom of God is possible only when preaching and practice work simultaneously.

Missionary: Rev. Johnson M. John
Evangelists: Mr. Sunadhar Palta Singh, Mr. John Gopakumar and Mr. Dharampal
Samastipur Mar Thoma Mission is the only Mission of Mar Thoma Church in Bihar State. Samastipur is one of the most un-developed states of Bihar. The mission is focused towards the villages adjacent to the town Samastipur. The mission concentrates in providing educational facilities, only through which changes can be brought to villages. We have two Balawadis in the villages, which are the only education centres in these villages. Village Children attends the Balawadis regularly. Besides that embroidery classes were arranged to empower women from the villages. Health and Sanitation awareness programmes were also conducted. We have around 15 families who are seekers. Regular worships, house visits and cottage fellowships are conducted for them.

Missionary: Rev. Bijoy Daniel
Evangelist: Mr. Albert C.
The Ambala Mission caters to the spiritual needs of the people who live in the Ambala Cantonment area. Now we have a ministry in 5 labour colonies - Lal Kurti, Karga, Babyal, Air Force and Krishna Mandir. The local community comrpises labourers from Orissa, Bihar and Chattisgarh. This year we started two Balwadies at Karga and Krishna Mandir.

House visits, personal evangelism, village ministry, VBS for the slum children, jail ministry and work among the leprosy patients are the highlights of our ministry. VBS was conducted from 6-8 June and a total of 105 students attended. A Christmas programme was organized in which 200 people attended.

Missionary: Rev. Sam Mathew
Evangelists: Mr. Ajain S (MTEA), Evg Biju S (MTEA), Mr. Thomas Bhuyan (Diocese)
The vision of Late Metropolitan Dr Alexander Mar Thoma came true when we started this mission. The work is going on in the village, Mundiya Ramsar. The people there belong to the nomadic community, the Banjaras.

(11) BIKANER MISSION (Rajasthan)
Missionary: Rev. Anil T. Thomas
Evangelist: Mr. Thomaskutty Y.
If ever beauty has bloomed in a desert, it has been at Bikaner. Founded in 1488 AD by the erstwhile King named Rao Bika Ji, it’s located in north west part of Rajasthan state in India. The imposing palaces, beautiful and richly sculptured temples of red and yellow sand stones display some of the finest creations of Rajpur civilization. The Bikaner Mission or Thar Mission is spread over Districts of western Rajasthan comprising of Bikaner, Hanumangarh, Ganganagar, Churu, Nagaur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur. This year Barmer mission is separated from Bikaner mission. Worship, Sunday School, Prayer Meetings are organized in the following areas. Nagaur, Sujangarh, Ganganagar, Khariya Khangar, Bikaner town, Pali and Sojat, Hanumangarh.

Most of the children of this locality are illiterate who were motivated for education by a Balavadi School named “St. Thomas Jeevan Jyothi School”. At present there are 15 students regularly attending the Balavadi. Around 30 students attended for the last one year. The Balavadi urgently needs 6 benches, a room and books and toys for study material, a maid servant and a new teacher. At present Evangelist and wife are teaching them at Bikaner church. We hope to develop into a school in near future.

Missionary : Rev. Anil T. Thomas
Evangelist : Mr. Jeetu Nayak

Barmer is a district which situated at the Pakistan border of Rajasthan State. It is a desert Region. The present town was founded by Rawat Bhimaji. Today, it is well known for intricate wood carving and hand printing industry. Now a days the petroleum excavations gave a new hope to the desert region. Since 1960’s Christian presence was here through migrant Keralite and other South Indian Christian.

The Barmer Mission is spread over Districts of south western Rajasthan comprising of Barmer, Sirohi Paly Jalore, Jeslmer and Jodhpur. Formerly Barmer mission was part of Bikaner mission. Evangelistic work started here since 2010 July.

We have plan to start new ministry among Auto rickshaw drivers, Petroleum Company staff, mobile company staff, Tailors, shop keeper’s Army personals and BSF Jawans.

(12) BHILWARA MISSION (Rajasthan)
Missionary- Rev. Binu P. Thomas
Evangelist- Mr. Thomas Mathew

There are about 35 families staying in the Bilwara mission area who take part in the Mission’s activities. A Holy Communion service in Malayalam is conducted every second Sunday. A Holy Communion service in English is conducted on fifth Sundays. On other Sundays, regular services – both in Malayalam and Hindi – are conducted.

Our activities include bible study class for youth and Sevika Sangam, Sunday school, VBS, Convention, Christmas programme and Christmas Carol. We also have special New Year services, Lent services, Cottage Prayer fellowship, Fasting prayer and house visits. During the year, we had the privilege hosting our Thirumeni, Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos, Episcopa and were blessed by his presence.

(13) VIZAG MISSION (Andhra Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. T. Babu
Evangelists: Mr. Reji T. V., Mr. D. Soman

The missionary activities in Visakhapatnam started around 1990. They are centered at a place about 25 kms from the city. The evangelistic work covers 7 villages. The main activities are Holy Communion service in Telugu, Sunday school, housing aid, education aid, medical aid, literary activities etc. 115 members from 35 families who were baptized, are attending the Holy Communion Services regularly.

Karuna School
In 1991, a school was started in a humble way. By the grace of God, the church has built a permanent school building. The members of the Mar Thoma parish have supported this cause. There are 42 underprivilaged children studying in our school. The alumni of our school have attained good jobs and are well-settled; this gives immense satisfaction for the mission's academic efforts.

(14) ITANAGAR (Arunachal Pradesh)
Missionary: Rev. Shiju Robert
Evangelist: Mr. Ajain S.

The Southern Christian Ecumenical Congregation – with help from the MTEA – is successfully doing mission work at Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Regular prayer meetings, village visits, house visits, hospital visits, Sevika Sangham prayer meets, fasting prayer meets, area prayer meets, Sunday services and the Sunday school are the main programmes of this congregation. A Holy Qurbana is celebrated every two months. The Missionary achen and Evangelist give valuable leadership for these programmes.

(15) BASTAR MISSION (Chhattisgarh)
Missionary: Rev. Varghese Koshy
Evangelists: Mr. Prakash Chand, Mr. Makhanlal Gole

Basthar mission includes two mission fields of MTEA in Chilkkutty and Jattam Village. Another mission field is owned and operated by the Mar Thoma Church, Jagdalpur. There are two Balwadies with 40 children. Prayer meetings and Sunday worships are the regular activities of this mission.

One of the believers in Jattam Village allows us to use his house for the Sunday worship. We also conduct VBS, house visits, patriotic programmes and health awareness classes.

Missionary: Rev. Thomas B
Evangelists: Mr. Thomas Mathew, Mr. Varghese Samuel, Mr. Saji Daniel and Mr. Jaylal Paraseth

The Chattisgarh Mar Thoma Mission, which is working under the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association completed 10 years of its blessed service successfully. Bilaspur, Akaltara, Borsi and Pamgarh are the substations of this mission. Mission activities include two Hindi churches, prayer groups, Sunday school, balwadies, a tailoring school, reading rooms, one-day retreats and VBS.

Evangalists Saji Daniel, Varghese Samuel, John Thomas, Jaylal Paraseth and Abey Joseph are the active workers at this mission. We have lot of believers, baptized members, families as well as seekers. The local community is really interested in our mission activities and actively participate in our various efforts. We conduct a Hindi Holy Communion service for them on the second Sunday of every month.

Students’ Chaplain: Rev. Stanley Thomas

We continue to provide various specialized care services in all the areas of the hospital as well as in the academic activities. We specially thank the Christian Medical College and Hospital for its guidance ,as well as appreciation towards our church. Our activities include morning devotions, live online devotions through radio broadcasting, pre-operation visits, bedside patient visiting, conselling consultation and common prayer rounds.

This year, we conducted 4 carol services and also published the institutional cards and calendar. We regularly organize retreats and outreach services to the neighboring social service centres. Thematic services are also led on Children’s Day, Leprosy Day, Republic Day, Women's Day and the Healing Ministry Week. The Fourth edition of Songs for the Voiceless - a musical concert, was held for 3 evenings.

We also compiled a medical ethics syllabus for the Baba Farid University and were invited to attend the National Christian Bio Ethics Consultation organized by the EHA-EMFI in Madras. The DCPC (counselling program) of Serampore is also continuing. We have also conducted seminars on anger management, communication skills, stress management and forgiveness for doctors, nurses and students.

In addition, we have been able to begin the Ludhiana chapter of the Mar Thoma Students Association inaugurated by our Metropolitan in March 2010. With more than 80 members, we conduct weekly meetings and monthly social activities as well as quarterly retreats to different places.

We bear witness to the governance of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in all of our activities. We are grateful for his mercy and continue to seek his guidance for our future plans. We also wish express our gratitude to our church and diocese, especially our Thirumeni for his presence, timely advise and suggestions in the CMC community meetings.

Vice President:Rev.Mathew K.Chandy
Secretary :Rev D.Sunil
Treasurer :Evg.P.V.Varghese

North India Marthoma Evangelistic Fellowship(NIMTEF)as an auxiliary to Marthoma Evangelistic Asssociation(MTEA),is engaged in efective mission work in North India since 1989..NIMTEF was formed to monitor and revitalize the evangelistic work in North India and encourage our parish members for their active participation in mission work. As a part of its activities , the annual conference of missionaries and evangelists was held at Christukula Mission School,Satna from 30th September to 3rd October 2010.Rt.Rev Dr .Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa presided over the programme and gave guidance for an effective mission work in North India.The theme of the conference was " Christian Mission in the Rural Context".A news letter "DARPAN" was released during the conference.

(1) Diocesan Yuvajana Sakhyam
‘Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith and in purity.’ 1 Timothy 4: 12

Geographically, the Delhi Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church is much larger than any other diocese within India. Spread across 18 states, this diocese houses 6 centres. At the Delhi centre, all parishes/congregations have their own youth group. Only two or three churches at the other centers are large enough to have youth groups.

It is in this context that the Delhi Diocese Yuvajana Sakhyam (DDYS) functions. Therefore, encouraging local youth groups becomes the major part of the DDYS's role. It has become evident through experience that the Diocesan structure of the Yuvajana Sakhyam in Delhi would be meaningful only in linking each Sakha and Centre with each other, rather than becoming an active structure in itself. Yet, the activities we have been able to engage in over the past year speaks volumes for the determination and commitment that the Mar Thoma youth in this diocese have displayed.

Diocesan Representatives Meeting
A meeting of the Diocesan Representatives was held on July 11, 2010 at the Mar Thoma Centre, 26 Bhai Vir Singh Margh, Gole Market, New Delhi. Our beloved Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa presided over the meeting. Diocesan Secretary Rev. Thomas Cheriyan also participated in the proceedings.

Thirteen representatives – including 3 from outside Delhi – participated in this meeting. The report and accounts for the year 2009-2010 were passed, the budget for the new year was approved and the activities for the coming year were planned at that meeting. Representatives participated in the Sunday morning worship at St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Karol Bagh on that day. I would like to place on record our gratitude to the vicars and the youth of the parish for accommodating us on that day.

Sakha Registration
In the past year, 16 Sakhas within the diocese were registered with the Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam office in Tiruvalla. This year, membership and registration forms were sent out to all parishes that had youth members, in an attempt to register them. Special focus was given to the Delhi Centre in this regard. As a result this year we have __ registered Sakhas at the Delhi Diocese.

Two youth conferences were held in the report year at the Delhi Diocese. The East India Zonal Youth and Family Conference was hosted by Vishakapattanam MTC from 14-17 October, 2010. Rev. Sam Koshy T. led the youth sessions. The North India Zonal Youth Conference was hosted by the Jerusalem MTC, New Delhi from 4-7 November, 2010. Dr. P. C. Mathew was the main speaker. Around 700 young people attended these conferences and were blessed.

Srikakulam Mission Tour
On 15 October, 2010, a youth meeting was held at the Srikakulam mission field of the Andhra Pradesh Diocese. Worship, singing and Bible classed were conducted in Telugu. Around 300 people, including youth and children, participated. The Diocesan Bishop and youth secretary addressed the gathering. Only two youth members took part in this mission engagement, though initially, more young people had prepared and planned to participate. Special mention has to be made of Rev. Philip Baby, the Missionary Achen for making this possible. Mr. Sujit Skaria served as coordinator for this tour.

East Zone Visit
So far, the Yuvajana Sakhyam activities had been mainly centered in the North Zone. For the first time in the history of the DDYS, an interaction with our youth in the East Zone was made possible this year. On 16 October, 2010, during the East Zone Youth Conference representatives from DDYS had an interactive session with the youth of the East Zone.

Our Diocesan Bishop welcomed them into the fold of the DDYS and introduced our various programs to them. We also met and established a rapport with youth secretaries from various parishes in the East Zone. Special mention has to be made of Rev. T, Babu, the host Achen, for making this possible.

Diocesan Youth Retreat
About 100 young people participated in the Diocesan Youth Retreat that was held on 30 October, 2010 at St. John’s School, New Delhi. Rev. A. T. Zachariah delivered the main talk. Worship was led by the Karol Bagh youth with songs by the Bethel youth. Interactive games were conducted by Ms. Simi Thambi during the retreat. Mr. Anuraj S. Zachariah served as coordinator.

Maramon Visit
The Delhi Diocese Yuvajana Sakhyam undertook a historic visit to the Maramon Convention this year. A group of 8 young people from the Delhi and Lucknow centers under the leadership of our Vice President, Rev. Jiju Joseph visited Poolatheen, head quarters of the MTC and all its organizations, Kokkathodu mission field, Pratheeksha Bhavan and the Gram Jyothis in this mission tour.

The DDYS also participated in the dedication service at Kozhencherry MTC, Yuvavedi meeting on Friday and visited the Maramon MTC the symbol of reformation in Malankara Church. Our youth were blessed to be able to interact with the Mar Thoma Metropolitan and Valiya Metropolitan at the retreat center. During the two days spent at the convention, our youth helped out at the Diocesan Stall as well. Mr. Jithin S. George served as coordinator for this visit.

We were able to design a website for the Diocesan Yuvajana Sakhyam this year. Mr. Arun Mathews of St. Stephens MTC, New Delhi, designed it. It contains details of our activities, photos, bible studies etc. We owe a special thanks to Arun for the design and to Rev. Stanley Thomas for contributing the Bible studies. It is a simple website at the moment and we hope to enhance it soon. All our youth are requested to contribute articles, photos and other information for www.ddmtys.org .

In Nation Building
Common Wealth Games 2010, which was held in Delhi, also gave our youth a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of such an event. The DDYS, through the organizing committee of the CWG 2010, was able to arrange for our young people to be volunteers at this sporting extravaganza. Of the 40 young people who were interviewed, around 12 of them were selected. We specially thank our Thirumeni and Mr. Gigi Thomson, IAS, for making this possible.

In Service of the Church
Under the leadership of the DDYS, our youth volunteered at various events of the Delhi Diocese like Diocesan Assembly, Diocesan Convention and Gloria-in-Excelsis. As part of our initiative to help migrating youth within the diocese, we helped 4 young people from various parts of the diocese who came to Delhi to work or to study. We helped to find accommodation for them and put them in touch with the nearest Mar Thoma Church. The DDYS also arranged for the hospitality to enable a delegation of Mar Thoma youth to attend the 3rd South Asia Christian Youth Conference. We also arranged another delegation, consisting of MTYS General Secretary, to the Tibetan Border mission field.

The DDYS acknowledges the contribution made by office bearers Rev. Jiju Joseph and Mr. Thomas Mathew. They were very supportive and energetic. It was their leadership and co-ordination that ensured a smooth ride this year. Coordinators of various programs, Mr. Sujit Skaria, Mr. Anuraj S. Zachariah and Mr. Jithin S. George deserve special mention for their tireless efforts.

The guidance provided by the president Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa is unforgettable. He participated and gave leadership in almost all the DDYS programs. The diocesan secretary, Rev. Thomas Cheriyan was also instrumental in giving space to the youth and acknowledging the Diocesan Yuvajana Sakhyam in the activities of the Delhi Diocese this year. Special thanks to all the young people who volunteered in the various Diocesan activities, including the Assembly and Gloria-in-Excelsis.

(2)Diocesan Sevika Sangham
The Mar Thoma Suvishesha Sevika Sangham at the Diocesan level was constituted in the Delhi Diocese on 10 March, 2010. The newly constituted Bhadrasana Pratinidhi Sabha met under the chairmanship of Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa and elected Rev. Sam Abraham, Vicar, Bethel Mar Thoma Church, New Delhi as Vice President, Mrs. Susan Mathai as Lady Vice President and Mrs. Susan R. Chacko as Secretary for the year 2010-11. The Diocesan Sevika Sangham organized the following programmes during the year:

a) Bible Quiz: A Bible Quiz was conducted on 5 September, 2010 for Sevika Sangham members of the Parishes in the Diocese. A total number of 179 members participated in this event.

b) Annual Camp: The first Annual Camp of the newly constituted Diocesan Sevika Sangham was held from 10 to 12 September, 2010 at Jaipur. Rev. Dr. G. Varghese of Bhilai Mar Thoma Church delivered the Theme Talk based on the topic “Women and Faith Formation in Families.” There were 230 participants.

c) Book Stall: The Diocesan Sevika Sangham organized a Book Stall at the Diocesan Convention held during 29-31 October, 2010.

(i) Delhi Mar Thoma Public School, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
The great vision of our church leaders has always envisaged to take giant leaps in contributing to the socio-cultural fabric of India and also local and global life situations. One such great milestone was the establishment of Delhi Mar Thoma Public School at Karpooripuram, Ghaziabad. This project was launched by the Delhi Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church, under the dynamic and vibrant leadership of the Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos.

In pace with the ‘UNESCO’ bulletin which emphatically states the importance of safe and orderly climate, discipline, coupled with acquisition of vital learning skills and effective student – teacher instruction, the Delhi Mar Thoma Public School aims at making good, effective and creative human beings. In a nutshell, ‘EDUCATION WITH A HUMAN FACE’ is the ultimate goal.

This school was started in a rented building during the last academic session 2010-2011, under the able leadership of Rev. Alexander Thomas, from L. K. G. to Std. III. After we finished the construction work of a bloc in the ground floor we shifted the classes to the present building. A huge campus which includes the fully functional school and a beautiful landscaped surrounding, will, God willing, be completed in the near future. In the coming years, the Delhi Mar Thoma Public School will be a full – fledged Higher Secondary School with all hi-tech infrastructures, like Audio visual class rooms, edu.com facilities, computer lab, etc., as per the CBSE Curriculum specifications.

The School started with just 20 students during the last academic session, but, now the present strength is around 125. Currently, there are around 15 teaching staff and non-teaching staff. During the current academic session the school was up graded to Std. V. Today, the Delhi Mar Thoma Public School is endowed with all facilities to cater to the needs of the children from LKG to Std. V. Special emphasis is being laid to improve conversational English, learning through activities and personality formation.

Though, still a toddler, the Delhi Mar Thoma Public School will be endowed with sufficient infrastructure, equipments, activities and faculty to turn it into one of the premier institutions of not only Ghaziabad, but also Delhi. The Diocesan Bishop, the Clergy, the Principal Rev Alexander Thomas and staff would leave no stone unturned to transform this dream into a reality.

(ii) St. Thomas School, Dipka, Korba, Chhattisgarh
This School is established as a response to the need of the people in this locality. Since its inception, the school has striven to put together efficient brains in the educational field to nourish and enrich the brains of the younger generation. The effort is to impart wisdom, virtue and the spirit of service, in each child in order to enlighten their life. The education society under the magnificent leadership of Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos has taken never heights and could come up with many new projects with in these few years.

To ensure that our students are more equipped to face any challenge, we have included focus on special subjects like disaster management, first aid, Health education, social responsibilities, environmental studies, soft skills, leadership skills, carrier planning and development. This year we have 791 students.

The quality education received by our students has been made possible by the dedication of our Teaching staff and the development of a strong and effective partnership with the wider school community. We have 20 teaching staff. PTA meetings are conducted in school regularly to review the activities of our school and get the parents participations and feed backs into our activities.
The students’ council is a body of elected members which plays an important role in being a mediator between the students and the management. It comprises office bearers, class representatives and volunteers. We celebrated Independence Day, Children’s Day, Gandhi Jayanthi etc. The school sports and games day, also know as a field day, provides an entertaining event that allows students to participate and enjoy success. Our students have upheld the records in academics as well as the sport events.

All students were encouraged to appear for the Science, English Mathematics & Hindi Talent Search examination organized by education foundation Hyderabad, Unified Council, Hyderabad, Institute for Scholastic Evaluation Haryana, Holy Faith International, Mahatma Gandhi Hindi Prachar Sabha, Hyderabad and DPS NTPC Korba. Our 8th standard students appeared National Talent Examinations this year.

Music and dance periods were utilized to incorporate the value of appreciation towards fine arts in the young minds. Moral educations aim at molding responsible citizens for the nation by developing the spirit of brotherhood and respect towards parents and elders. Computer education and quiz programme are part of the regular syllabus for all the students form Std. I.
In this academic year, we have grown not only in number but also in achievements. The students have left their mark in everything that they have attempted. We are thankful to the management of SECL Dipka Area, for all the support extended to this school.

(iii) Delhi Mar Thoma Public School, Pamgarh, Jnansgir Dist. Chhattisgarh
With the grace of our God almighty we are into the 3rd year of our academic session. In the past 2 years God was kind enough to shower all his grace on us so that we were able to work to the best in all circumstances.

Delhi Mar Thoma Public School took its form in the year 2009 in a village called Pamgarh, 50km away from the main city Bilaspur. It was set up with the aim to provide best education to the village students at a moderate cost. Initially we started the school in a rented room with 60 students for Nursery to K.G. I classes with the CBSE syllabus with English. It was a tough goal to create a base in this village as there were established schools since years. Most of the students belonged to the families of farmers who had no formal education. But by the dedicated work of all staff members along with the grace of God, the number of students increased. Due to the successful result in the 1st year we were able to get 180 new admissions in the flowing year. We started classes from K.G. I to Class I. However we have to restrict as we had no enough infrastructures to accommodate more. Moreover the expenses were more than what we earned. But still with the help of the diocese and few of our well wishers we managed to buy 2 school vans on loan and a plot of 3.5acres. Today we have 240 total students and 8 paid staffs and 4 voluntary workers. It’s a great joy to tell that today we have become the best school in that location. The parents are highly impressed with our working and are interested in our further growth. People are coming from the nearby villages to get their children admitted expecting better education. They acknowledge our service. t We do not further place to accommodate more new students. Hence we are in a move to raise funds from all our near and dear ones who could help us in some way so that these village students may get a meaningful education.

(iv) St. Paul’s Mar Thoma School, Jaipur
Founded in the year 2008, St. Paul’s Mar Thoma School is providing value based education to children in and around the village, Mundiya Ramsar especially those from the ‘Banjara Community’.
In the academic year 2010-2011, the strength of students in 170 with 8 teaching and 6 non-teaching staff, classes being from Nursery – IVth standard.

A new block consisting of 6 classrooms was dedicated on 7th of April, 2011 by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcoipa.

• Several cultural programmes and sports events were organized so as to develop the personality of the students. Workshops were conducted for teachers so as to improve the quality of education. Parent-Teacher meetings, were also convened to provide quality education and also to provide better service in the field of education.
• Special days were also observed so as to create awareness among the students.
• Exhibitions were conducted to bring out the talents in students.
The Diocesan Bishop, Secretary, the members of LAC, parish members and members of local administration (Sarpanch etc.) visited the school and provided valuable advice and suggestions from time to time.

(v) Christa Jyoti Mission School, Beohari, Madhya Pradesh
It is indeed our joy and privilege to write a few lines about the activities of the Christa Jyothi Mission School. We thank God sincerely for enabling us to exhibit the light of Christ through the esteemed institution, Christa Jyothi. We could realize God’s guidance in all the activities that we took up. School reopened on 1 July, 2010 and closed the year with the summer class. The earnest hard work of our dedicated and well-qualified teachers ensured that the school continued its chain of 100 percent. We are awaiting the results of 10th and 12th State Board Examinations.

On 17 July, 2010, we celebrated the Investiture and Prize day. In the month of August, we inaugurated club activities. The Leaders of Beohari called for a debate, which proved very useful to the community. On 15 August, 2010, we celebrated the Independence Day Program. On the 4 September, 2010, we observed Teachers Day. September Quarterly Examinations were held from 6-10 September. The Annual Day was held in October. Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa chaired the program. On 15 November, 2010, we celebrated Children’s Day. Half-yearly Examinations were held from 13-21 December. School Christmas celebrations were held on 22December, 2010.

The school Sports Day and food fest 'Chak le' India were organized from 21-23 January; this was a fantastic experience for the students. On the 26 January, 2011, a grand Republic Day programme was conducted. This year’s summer class was held from 25 March to 5 April 2011.

On its Final Day programme when the academic year came to an end, Rt. Rev. Dr. Yuyakim Mar Coorilose Episcopa was present and blessed the occasion. One of the major achievements was the care class for children who secured less than 50%; this helped the BPL students to gain more. We plan to buy a school bus and add four new rooms to the school infrastructure.

(vi) Mar Thoma Mission School, Kemchora, Munsiyari, Uthrakhand
The Mar Thoma Mission has been actively involved in the field of education for the last 17 years in order to meet the academic needs of our society. We now have 196 students studying in the Gram Jyoti School in Munsyari, from LKG to Grade Ten. Eleven teachers, evangelists and missionaries are working at the school. All efforts are taken to meet the needs of children. Slow learners as well as poor and needy children are identified and given proper attention so they can excel academically.

Attempts are being made to convert this school into a Higher Secondary School. The registration process is in progress. Currently, we have Government Registration for a Secondary School. We hope that this year, the registration may be approved at the Higher Secondary level as well.

The Diocesan Episcopa, Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos along with the Diocesan Secretary visited the Mission and consented to start a new school in Nachni. Because of this school, our mission has built a strong presence in the community around. We provide value-based education to the children here.

(vii) St Thomas English Medium School, Jaisingh Nagar, Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh
The St. Thomas English Medium School was started in 2003. The school caters to the tribal and middle class section of the society. The school has a strength of 250 students from Nursery to 5th Class. Two acres of land was purchased towards this school in 2007. Rev. R. P. Abraham and Mr. Jose Joseph serve as Manager and Principal respectively. The school has the support of all sections of society at Jaisinghnagar, Shahdol.

(viii) Mar Thoma School, Varanasi, Utter Pradesh
Education transforms life and life styles. With this vision we started an English Medium school in the year 2007 under Gramjyothi Project of the Delhi Diocese and now there are 173 Students studying with the guidance of 7 Teachers. Last year we extended the School building with more class rooms. The plastering works are pending there.

(ix) Balwadi - Ambikapur
A Balwadi was opened in the month of July and functions under the name - Navjeevan Kendra, Ambikapur - under the financial support of the Ambikapur Marthoma Church. We have one qualified teacher. This is a strong medium to proclaim Christ to the kids of the new generation. Apart from this, we have also built a healthy relationship with the local community through this Balwadi.

St John’s School, New Delhi, Christukula Higher Secondary School, Satna, Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Indore, St Thomas School, Ranchi, St Peter’s Mar Thoma School, Bhopal and St Thomas Higher Secondary School, Kshipra are the other major schools in our Diocese. All these Schools maintain good standards and excellent results.

A separate report is attached elsewhere in this Report.

‘Darshan’ is the quarterly publication of the Diocese. Each issue is based on a particular theme and includes the Diocesan Episcopa’s message, Bible Studies and articles and other news that provide information on the various activities of the Diocese and the Church in general. Unfortunately, only two issues were brought out this year. Rev. Dr. P. G. George served as the Editor.

A Diocesan Stall was set up at the 116th Maramon Convention held from 13-20 February, 2010. The stall provided information on all the major activities of the Delhi Diocese – including its mission fields, educational and other institutions and the publications brought out by the Diocese. The final year students of the DJVP helped throughout the week.

Rev. Dr. Alex Thomas, Advocate Philip Abraham, Advocate Manoj V. George, Dr. George Mathai, Dr. (Mrs.) Annie Mathew, Advocate. K. Thomas and Rev. Jayan Thomas/ Rev. Thomas Cheriyan served as the Legal Affairs Committee. The committee met once during the reporting year and considered matrimonial cases and other issues and sent its recommendations to the Diocesan Episcopa.

The Ebenezer Mar Thoma Church, Vikaspuri, was awarded the Best Parish Award for the year 2009-2010. We record our appreciation to the Vicar and members of that Parish.

Audited statements of Accounts comprising the Balance Sheet as on 31 March, 2010, the Income and Expenditure account for the year ended 31 March, 2010, Budget for the year 2011-2012 and other supporting schedules are appended to this Report.

The Diocesan Fund and Salary Adjustment Fund is collected from the parishes. It is equivalent to the basic salary of the respective Vicars. This year we received Rs.2,96,129/- as Diocesan Fund and Rs. 2,89,516/- as Salary Adjustment Fund contribution.

We thank the Almighty for the manifold blessings we received throughout the year. We record our sincere thanks to His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom, Valia Metropolitan, and His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan for their guidance and help in the activities of the Diocese. We thank our respected Suffragan Metropolitan Rt. Rev. Dr .Zacharias Mar Theophilus, Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos and all other respected Bishops of our Church.

We convey our sincere thanks to the Sabha Secretary, Sabha Trustees and members of the Sabha Council. We thank Achens, Evangelists, Diocesan Council members, Diocesan Assembly members, Parishes and all the faithful for their co-operation during the year. We also thank Mr. Anil Mathew, our honorary Internal Auditor and M/s Madnani & Associates, the Statutory Auditors, for their help and co-operation during the year. We express our thanks to the office staff at the Mar Thoma Centre for their sincere work.

God, who has led us thus far, is faithful and great. The human resources and material resources were provided according to His riches in Glory. God provided us with able leadership at all levels and good networking to take the Diocese in its mission to new heights. When challenges and uncertainties lashed on our plans and projects, God directed our ways to His perfect destiny. It is a joy and witness to see many communities and villages celebrate the love revealed in Jesus and empower themselves for a journey to truth and freedom.

It is only with the whole-heated support of the people of God that we can fulfil the divine mandate in this part of the world. Let us dedicate ourselves and commit our ways to the Lord to build up the Kingdom of God with truth and justice. Let us affirm God’s faithfulness in the words of the Psalmist: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, Bless His Holy Name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits”.

For and on behalf of the Diocesan Council,
Diocesan Secretary

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