The Delhi Diocese of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church is shaped by its mission, institution and other social empowerment endeavours that it has undertaken as its identity and witness to spread the Gospel to the 22 North Indian states and 2 Union Territories of India. The Delhi Diocese strives faithfully to witness the healing presence of God and spread the good news of love mainly through its mission work, educational institutions and other social empowerment activities that the Diocese is deeply involved in, to help our brothers and sisters of our Great Nation, India, to be Lightened to Lighten. 

Total No. of Parish: 64
Congregation: 25
Clergy: 82
Evangelists:  26 full time Evangelists of the Diocese
Mission Fields: 13 of the Diocese
Educational Institutions under the Diocese: 6
Theological Seminary:

Schools that are functioning in the Diocese

1.    Delhi Mar Thoma Public School, Ghaziabad.
2.    St. Thomas Public School, Dipka, Korba, Chhattisgarh.
3.    Delhi Mar Thoma Public School, Pamgarh, Chhattisgarh.
4.    St. Thomas English Medium School, Jaisingh Nagar, Madya Pradesh.
5.    Christa Jyoti Mission School, Beohari, Madhya Pradesh.
6.    Varanasi School.
7.    Christukula Mission Higher Secondary School, Satna.
8.    St. John’s School, New Delhi.
9.    Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School & Mar Thoma Public School, Indore.
10.  Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Sukhliya.
11.  St. Thomas School, Ranchi.
12.  St. Thomas School, Hardag.
13.  St. Pauls Mar Thoma School, Jaipur.
14.  Mar Thoma Gramajyothi School, Munsiyari.
15.  Mar Thoma Mission School, Uttrakhand.
16.  Mar Thoma Grama Jyothi School, Sihora.
17.  Itarsi Mission Grama Jyothi School.
18.  Christa Jyothi Seva Sanghom, M.P. 

19.  St. Luke's School, Bhartpur.


Mission work under the Delhi Diocese
1.     Itarsi Mission (Madhya Pradesh)
2.     Taimer Mission (Madya Pradesh)
3.     Kanpur Mission
4.     Varnasi Mission
5.     Jammu Mission
6.     Fazipur Khader Mission
7.     Mar Thoma Navajeevan Kendra, Ranchi (Jarkhand)
8.     North Eastern Mar Thoma Centre, Jagaddal  Mission (West Bengal)
9.     Rourkela Mission (Odisha)
10.  Tibetan Border Mission (Berinag)
11.  Srikakulam Mission (Andhra Pradesh)
12.  Vijayanagaram Mission

There are 15 Missions fields working under theMTEA and CARD in the Delhi Diocese. Kalahandi Mission (Odisha), Odisha Mission at Khariar Road, Utkal Mission (Under the Abu Dhabi MTC Parish Mission) are functioning under the direct control of other Diocese’s of the Mar Thoma Church.


Ashrams in the Diocese:

1. Christa Panthi Ashram, Sihora

2. Christa Bandhu Kulam, Satna

3. Christa Prema Kulam Ashram ,Sehtganj, Bhopal 


Mission and spiritual development programmes of the Delhi Diocese:

  • 1.  Diploma in clinical pastoral counselling (DCPC)
  • 2.  Pre-Marital counselling class
  • 3.  Lay Ministry/ De-addiction programme
  • 4.  Transgender Awareness Programme
  • 5.  Mar Thoma Nurses Fellowship
  • 6.  Mar Thoma Youth Chaplaincy, Ludhiana
  • 7.  Juhanon Mar Thoma Memorial Lecture
  • 8.  Diocesan Convention
  • 9.  Youth Convention
  • 10. Diocesan Clergy Conference
  • 11. NIMTEF Conference (Mission Conference)
  • 12. Camps for Youths/Sunday School/ Sevika Sanghom and Parish Mission
  • 13. Mission Visits
  • 14.  Gloria In Excelsis – Christmas Programme to promote Communal Harmony & Peace

Theological  Seminary:

  • Dharma Jyothi Vidya Peeth, Faridabad


  • Mar Thoma Centre, Agra (U.P)- For recreation and small camps 


Diocesan Publications/Newsletter:



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