Seminaries: Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth

Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth

Alexander Mar Thoma Centre for Theological and Developmental Studies

Affiliated to the Senate of Serampore College (University) 

In the words of bishop Lesslie Newbegin, “Our preaching is mere empty words if it does not have behind it a costly engagement with the powers of evil with all the powers that rob men and women of their humanity, and if it does not call men and women to share in the same costly engagement. But equally our programme for teaching, healing, feeding the hungry, caring  for the sick and action for justice and freedom are futile if they do not point beyond themselves to a reality greater than they- to the great Healer, the great Liberator, the One who is Himself the living Bread”. 

Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth is an expression of the commitment of the Church to provide theological platform to redefine her vision and mission for a genuine Christian witness in the emerging North Indian Context. We have grown as a missionary training centre and a school of theological learning and ministerial formation for the North Indian milieu. As theological training in India is witnessing tremendous changes in the contemporary social scenario, Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth, in each stage of its journey, tries to identify the challenges of the day, and equips young minds for Christian ministry in Northern part of India by actively proclaiming the ‘good news to the poor, release to the captives, sight to the blind, freedom to the oppressed and preaches the year of the Lord.’ By God’s grace Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth has completed 17 years in its ministry of training young men and women for the mission and ministry of the Church.

Planning for the year

A retreat for the facultywas held on 16th May2016 followed by meeting of the faculty at the  Mar Thoma Centre, New Delhi to make plans for the new academic year. His Grace Rt. Rev.Gregorios Mar Stephanos led the retreat.

New Academic Year

The new academic year began on 30th June 2016. Dharma Jyoti Community attended the Holy Communion service at the All Saints Mar Thoma Church on 4th July 2016. We thank the Vicar Rev. James Thomas andmembers for their hospitality and support. The community retreat was held on 25th July 2016 in two sessions and Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos and Rev. Binu J. Varghese led the retreat. The Second Semester began with retreat on 20th October 2016.Rev. T. A. Varghese, Director, the MMAM Gospel Team, Tiruvalla, led the retreat.


Rev. Dr. Koshy P. Varughese (Principal), New Testament

Rev. Dr. Y .T. Vinayaraj (Registrar), Theology and Ethics

Rev. Sajesh Mathews, (Bursar), Christian Education and Counseling

Rev. V. M. Mathew, Old Testament

Rev. Binu J. Varghese ,Religions

Rev. Prasad Mathew, Theology

Rev. M. P. Solomon, Christian Ministry

Rev. Jose Punamadom, Communication

Rev. Dr. Abraham Mathew ,Mission Studies

Rev. A. B. Binu, History of Christianity

Dr. Mariyamma John, New Testament 

                   Rev. Sajeev Sugu Jacob took English classes and Mrs. Suja Prasad and Dr. Shalin  took classes for DCPC students. This year Rev. Binu J. Varghese joined as residential faculty member and Rev.  Jose Punamadom and Dr. Mariamma John joined as non-residential faculty members.

The faculty met many times and took necessary decisions.

Governing Board and Advisory Board

The Governing Board and an Advisory Board under the Chairmanship of the Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa gave leadership in the overall growth of the Institution. We gratefully remember all their support.

The Governing board  met two times in this year and took necessary decisions .The Governing Board consists of : The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma, Metropolitan (Patron), The Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos(Chairperson); The Very Rev. C.A.Varughese; Rev. Manoj Mathews( Diocesan secretary); Rev. Banoji K. Mathew; Rev. Eapen Abraham; Rev. K.C.Chacko;Mr. Mathai P.T( Diocesan treasurer); Dr. Reji Mathai; Dr. John M. Chacko;Mrs.Bindu Jiji Mathews; Mr. A.T.Roy; Mr. Thomas Iducalla;Mr. Jacob Samuel; Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj (Registrar); Rev. Sajesh Mathews (Bursar); Rev. Dr. Koshy P. Varughese (Principal); Rev. Dr. Prakask K.George, Kottayam (Rep. of MTC Theological Institutions)

The Advisory Committee consists of the following members:

Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa; Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios Metropolitan, Bishop P. B. Santram, Fr. Dr.Leonard Fernando , Principal Vidya Jyoti (Delhi), Very Rev. C.A .Varghese; Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj, Rev. Sajesh Mathews and Rev. Dr. Koshy P.Varughese.

Courses Offered

Dharma Jyoti is a B.D. level college offering 5 year B.D. programme for plus two students and 4 year programme for graduates and three/two year programme for B. Th graduates. We are offering Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counseling and Bachelor in Christian Studies courses of the Senate of Serampore College/University and short term courses for equipping the evangelists and the laity to carry out the mission in their respective places.


10 students were admitted in the new academic year for the B.D.programme.                               


1.     Anix Johnson                                               B.D.First year 

2.     Joice George                                                           “  

3.     Kevin Varghese                                                      “                   

4.     Ritto Reji                                                              “        

5.     Rona Korah Thomas                                               “                                      

6.     Sanal Cherian                                                          “          

7.    Sumesh Sathyam                                                      “ 

8.    Laiju Varghese                                               B.D. Second year (B. Th upgrader)                                                

9.    Sajan Robi R                                                  B.D. Third year ( BTh upgrader)              

10.  Solomon J. Soans                                           B.D.Orientation  

The student body consists of young people from Orissa,Uttara Pradesh  Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Karnataka, Chattisgargh,  and Kerala, and they are from diverse ecclesiastical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Tutorial and Fellowship Groups were organized to motivate the students in their studies and to help them in their ministerial and missional formation.

Summer Institute for Mission and Evangelism

As per the request of the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association, Dharma Jyoti conducted a special orientation course for the newly appointed evangelists before sending them to mission fields in North India  in the month of May 2016.


Mr Shiju Philip Mathew, alumnus of Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth entered into eternity on 24 December, 2016 after he met with an accident at Vellore. Shiju was a sincere, committed and a devout student who was always available for everyone in need of help. He enriched this campus with his dynamic presence during the years 2009-2014.   It is a great loss for his family especially his wife Biji Varghese and the little one Jerusha Mariam Shiju. Our deepest sympathies go out to them. We hope and pray that God brings them the much-needed peace and eternal comfort during this sad time.

Nav Jyoti Post Graduate and Research Centre (NJPGRC)

The Post Graduate Centre, Nav Jyoti Post Graduate and Research Centre (NJPGRC), is a federated faculty between Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth, Faridabad,Centre for Dalit Studies, New Delhi and the New Theological College, Dehradun through which Master of Theology programmes  of the Senate of Serampore /University are offered. NJPGRC organized a public lecture and reception programme  on July 18th 2016 at Institute  of Social Sciences , New Delhi. The theme of the lecture was “ Secularism, Feminism and Human Development. Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, the president of the Union Biblical Seminary, New York, Prof. Andrea White, Dr. John J. Thattamannil, Rev. William Varghese presented the theme and Prof. T. K. Oommen, Dr. George Mathew and Dr. Shalini Mulackal responded. Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj coordinated the programme.

This year Rev. Skaria Mathew graduated as M.Th in Christian Theology.

Rev.Dr. Koshy P. Varughese served as the Chairperson and Rev.Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj served as the registrar. Rev.Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj represented NJPGRC in the BTESSC, Senate meetings and convocation of the Serampore Colleg/University held at Trinity Theological college, Dimapur , from 1st -4th February 2017.

Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counseling

Dharma Jyoti is a centre of DCPC programme of the Serampore University. This year 8 students joined for DCPC. The Rev. Sajesh Mathews coordinated the programme. Our faculty members took classes. Mrs. Suja Prasad and Dr. Shalini also took classes. Thanks to Rev.Prasad Mathew, the principal of St. Johns School, Greater Kailash  for providing the space for conducting the classes.

Bachelor in Christian Studies.

The Senate of Serampore College /University granted permission to offer BCS programme of the Senate in the year 2016.The BCS programme was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos, the Chairman, on 8th April 2016.  The academic year of the BCS course is January to October. We have at present 20 students  registered for this course. Three contact classes were held from 8-10th April, 13-15th August 2016 and 26-28th January 2017. Our faculty members took classes. Rev. V.M. Mathew serves as the coordinator of BCS.

Intensive English Coaching

An intensive English coaching class was conducted for the Orientation and the first year students with the help of Christukula Mission Higher Secondary School, Satna from 15th to 29th June 2016 at Satna. This course was very helpful for our students. Thanks to the Very Rev. C. A. Varghese, the principal, Rev. Koshy Kurien, the vice principal and the team for their valuable support and services.

Practical Work

As part of the academic requirement, the students were sent for practical work to different parishes and mission fields to get ministerial experience. We also encourage our students to work with NGO’s and institutions which take care of the differently-abled and the marginalized. With this in view we sent students to the following Mission stations:

Navajeevan Mumbai; Hoskote Mission, Siddligutta Mission, Pollachi mission, Devanahally mission,  Sreekakulam mission, Tibetan boarder,Orissa mission, Navjeevan , Kottayam, Kumbanad Agathimandiram, Mukkada mission, Deenabandu mission, Jaipur mission, Sihora Ashram and Tracei , New Delhi  for their summer practical work. Through this summer practical work students get a direct acquaintance with the realities of poverty, social stratification and other oppressive structures. This exposure challenges our students to develop an effective, meaningful and relevant theological articulation. The Summer Practical Work reporting took place in the Chapel. We thank all the Achens and Evangelists who supported the Practical Work programme this year. We are grateful to the respective Diocesan Episcopas and Mission Centers for their support and guidance. 

Sunday Practical Work

Students were sent to different parishes in Delhi belonging to different denominations (Mar Thoma CSI, CNI, Jacobite and Chaldean churches) for Practical training from 3rd week of July 2016. They were given opportunities to assist in Holy Communion services, preach, conduct cottage prayer meetings and lead Sunday school and youth programmes. We thank the Vicars and all who supported in the ministerial formation of the students. Staff chaplain Rev. Binu J. Varghese coordinated the summer practical work and the Sunday practical work.

Social Work programme

The social  work committee worked in two different areas. The tuition classes at Sapera community children are going on under the leadership of Mir. Rajesh, a member of that community. Our students visited the community every week to lead the classes. Around 40 children are attending the classes. Two outreach social engagements were arranged: a half day cleaning activity at Koreli government hospital and a sramadan to clean the drainage and road from Fazipur to Arua. Both events helped the Dharma Jyoti Community to witness in our village and to relate with the community. The social work committee under the leadership of Rev. V. M. Mathew coordinated the work.


Dharma Jyoti community life is centered on worship. The chapel which is located at the center of the campus facilitates worship, devotion and other spiritual discourses. The Dharma Jyoti community gathers every day for worship in the morning at 7 am and in the evening at 6.45 pm in the chapel. The students and teachers lead the worship. On all Wednesdays and Fridays we set apart time for intercession. Holy Communion is celebrated in the Chapel on all Wednesdays. We conduct Lenten worship service during the 50 days Great Lent. We thank the Delhi Centre Achens for their valuable services in Preaching and conducting Holy Communion services. A chapel committee under the guidance of the staff chaplain Rev.Binu J. Varghese coordinated the worship services.

 New Hostel Building/Campus Development

Dharma Jyoti has a three storied new hostel complex. The hostel complex has facilities for accommodating about 100 students. It includes student family quarters; seminar halls etc. This year we could finish the second floor of the New building which has 20 bath attached single rooms. The solar water heater system ( 2000litres) was installed in the new hostel. The cafeteria was also renovated. Mr. P. T. Mathai, the diocesan treasurer, sponsored the ceiling work of the cafeteria. Mr. Jacob Samuel, Bhopal, donated two water coolers to the cafeteria. 2 KWH solar system was installed at the faculty quarters and water heater system was installed at the principal’s quarters. A new office room was created adjacent to the present office block. Mr. P. T. Mathai, the diocesan treasurer sponsored the interior work (labour charges) of the office room.Wifi system was installed in the campus.


Three courses of cultivation through the year ensure a bulk of the agri –products needed to run the refectory of the seminary. Wheat, rice, tapioca, potatoes, carrot etc are major crops in addition to the seasonal vegetables. Agri-products are made available for sale at parishes in and around Delhi.  The student community also helped in the farming. An agricultural committee under the leadership of Rev. Binu J. Varghese coordinated the farming.

Theo -Eco Forum

The inauguration of the Theological and Ecological forum was held on 7th September 2016 and conducted a seminar on the theme the Kingdom of God: Envisioning Hospitality. Rev. Dr. Koshy P. Varughese, Rev. V. M.Mathew and Rev. Sajesh Mathews presented papers on the Old Testament, New Testament and Theological perspectives of the theme. 

The Theo-Eco forum organized inter-school Painting and Elocution Competition on Saturday 19th November 2016 at Dharma Jyoti Campus. Theme for painting was “Water, gift of God” and the theme for elocution was “   Pursuing justice in a violent world.” 162 students representing five schools in the general area participated in this programme. There was an interactive session involving all the students. Lunch was provided to all the participants. Dr. Mariamma John, Staff Advisor of the Dharma Jyoti Cultural Society gave leadership.

The cash awards were given away at the Dharma Jyoti Day and convocation on 12th March 2017.

Cultural Committee

The cultural committee coordinated all the cultural events in the campus and gave leadership in decorating the campus for different occasions. A cultural night was organized on 5th August 2016.This committee worked under the leadership of Rev. Binu J. varghese, the staff advisor.

 Jubilee 14-Chair for Mission and Development

Rt.Rev.Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius initiated a Mission and Development chair at Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth which is named as Jubilee 14 Chair for Mission and Development. This year we organized a National Consultation on Mission from 23-25th February 2017 at Dharma Jyoti under the auspices of Jubilee 14 Chair. The theme of the consultation was Christian Mission in Transition: Indian Experiences. Rev. Dr. Santanu K. Patro ( Registrar, Senate of Serampore College/Uniersity), Fr. Dr. Leonard Fernando( Vidya Jyoti College, New Delhi), Rev. Dr. P. T.George( Principal, KUT Seminary, Trivandrum), Fr. Dr. Monodeep Daniel( CNI Brotherhood, New Delhi), Dr. V. V. Thomas( UBS, Pune), Dr. Gladson Jathanna( KTS, Mangalore), Mrs. Christy Jacob( Udaipur), Rev. Jacob P. Thomas (Kottayam) and Rev. Dr. Y .T.Vinayarag ( Dharma Jyoti) gave leadership. Delegates from various seminaries attended the consultation. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mathew coordinated the programme.

Women Empowerment

As part of the women empowerment programme, the governing board of Dharma Jyoti has decided to sponsor Miss. Shobha Muniyappa, a former B.D. student of DJVP from Karnataka, for M. Th studies at United Theological College, Bangalore.

Dharma Jyoti Christmas

Dharma Jyoti Christmas Service was held on 13th December 2016. His Grace the Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos presided over the meeting. Rev. Oommen Philip, the MarThoma Sabha Secretary, gave the Christmas message. About 400 people from our Delhi centre parishes attended the program.

Faculty Research Seminar

The faculty research seminar was held under the auspices of Alexander Mar Thoma Memorial Study Programme . Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj presented a paper entitled “God and the Other: Indian Christian Theology after Continental Philosophy”.

Community Sports and Picnic

Annual sports and games were held from 3rd – 14th November2016. The community was divided into four teams and healthy competition was held for the development of team spirit and personality building. The Sports meet was on 14th November at the San Jeo Puram Secondary School campus in Chandpur. A sports committee under the leadership of Rev. V.M. Mathew coordinated the meet.  

The Community Picnic was held on 15th October 2016 to Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Delhi Diocesan Convention

Faculty and students attended the Diocesan Convention held from 27 – 30 the October 2016 at Delhi Mar Thoma Public School, Gaziabad. Dharma Jyoti students’ Choir led the singing on Sunday.

Dedication of Principal’s Quarters

The newly constructed Principal’s quarters was dedicated by His Grace Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa on 11th December 2016. In addition to the financial support of Rs. 14 lakhs from EMW , Germany, this year we got a contribution of Rs. 20 lakhs from  Mar Thoma Educational Society, Indore, for the construction of the Principal’s quarters. We thank the office bearers and the governing board members of Mar Thoma Educational Society, Indore, for their valuable support. Special thanks to the Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa for being instrumental in getting the support from the Mar Thoma Educational Society, Indore. Also, we acknowledge with thanks the financial support we received from Mar Thoma parishes. Thanks to the SS builders for their efficient work.

Dharma Abhiyan

The College Magazine, Dharma Abhiyan for the year 2016-17 was published on 12th March 2017 during the convocation by His Grace the Metropolitan. We appreciate the hard work of the editorial team under the leadership of Rev.Binu J. Varghese.

Celebration of National and Cultural days

Special Worship services were held on Independence Day, Republic Day, Onam, Deepavali and other festival days.

Neighborhood Gram Jyoti Christmas

Gram Jyoti Christmas was celebrated on December 10th , 2016 with the villagers at 3pm. Former Gram Jyoti students and many villagers attended the function. As in the previous years, Christmas cake was a gift of the Faridabad All Saints Mar Thoma Sevika Sangham.

Easow Mar Timotheos Chair for Mission Research

In order to commemorate the legacy of the late Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa, we established a Chair in Mission Studies to foster research in the area of mission and development. We seek your whole hearted support to make this project a successful one.

Easow Mar Timotheos Lecture

The 10th Easow Mar Timotheos Memorial Lecture was held on Sunday 26th January 2017at Dharma Jyoti. Rev. K. C. Chacko, Maharastra Mission, was the main speaker. Rev. Dr. Y.T. Vinayaraj served as the coordinator.

Dharma Jyoti Sunday

Sunday, January 17, 2017 was observed as Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth Sunday in the Delhi Diocese to remember the mission and ministry of the institution using a special Order of Worship prepared for the occasion. Special offertory was collected on that day. We thank the vicars and Parishes in the Delhi  Diocese for their help and support for the ministry of Dharma Jyoti through this special Sunday Offertory.

Mathew Thomas achen ( Vattakottal)memorial essay Competition.

Mathew Thomas achen memorial essay competition was conducted for the youngsters of the Mumbai and Delhi dioceses. The theme   for the essay competition was “Faith as Engagement: Christian Witness in the Context of Religious Pluralism”. Kripa Joseph( St. Stephens Mar Thoma Church, New Delhi), Simi Sara Thomas( St. Stephens Mar Thoma Church, New Delhi) and Sharlin Sara Thomas( Gaziabad Mar Thoma Church) were awarded the first, second and third prizes respectively. Rev. Binu J. Varghese coordinated the competition.

Calendar, Website

A colorful Calendar was published and distributed to donors and well-wishers. Special thanks to the Rev. Sajesh Mathews.

 A website is functioning. The website was updated and special thanks to Rev. V.M.Mathew for his initiative.

Maramon Convention and Mission Tour

A team of BD fourth year students under the supervision of Rev. V. M. Mathew went on a Mission Tour to Maramon Convention from 14th to 21st February 2016. This was an occasion to expose the mission of Dharma Jyoti to the wider church and invite their participation in its development. 


Dharma Jyoti has a library comprising of more than 20,000 books which form a rich resource of knowledge for the students. The periodical section makes available the national and international journals. E-books  are also available in the libarary. This year we have added many titles to our library. Special thanks to  Mr. Jacob Samuel( Sunny) for  donating necessary finance to add 23 foreign published books to our library. Mrs. Annamma Koshy volunteered to serve as the Librarian.

A team of students under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj assisted in the library.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is functioning well and it helps students to develop computer skills as well as various research methods. 

Bible Museum

A Bible Museum is functioning with Bible in 35 Languages and over 110 editions of English Bible.

Moothampackal Kochkunju Upadeshi Memorial Lenten Music recital

Sadhu Kochu Kunju Upadeshi Memorial Lenten Musical Musical Competition was held on Sunday, February 26th, 2017 at the Bethel Mar Thoma Church, New Delhi. Seven choirs participated. Rt. Rev. Dr.Jacob Mar Barnabas delivered lenten meditation based on Sadu Kochukunju updeshi’s songs. The Rev. Sajesh Mathews served as the Coordinator. Thanks to the vicar Rev. Thomas Koshy P and members of Bethel MarThoma church for their hospitality.

Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

Faculty and students attended the different meetings, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops during the year.

Rev. Dr. Koshy P. Varughese attended the meetings of the Vaideeka selection Committee and Episcopal nomination board of the Church held at Tiruvalla. He also served as a member of the Theological commission of the MarThoma Church. He attended the Quadrennial assembly of the National Council of Churches in India which was held at Jabalpur from 27-30 April 2016.  Principal attended the BTESSC meetings, the Senate meetings and the convocation of the  Senate of Serampore College/University which were held at the Trinity Theological College, Dimapur, Nagaland from 1st to 4th February 2017. 

Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj published the books, Dalit Theology after Continental Philosophy and Theology after Spivak. He presented papers at Conferences on Public Witness in India held at Kolkata , 3-5 March 2017; National Conference on Mission, Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth, Faridabad on 23-25 February, 2017; Consultation or organized by Council of World Mission (CWM), the Senate of Serampore and Bishop’s College, Kolkata on 28-30 November, 2016;International Seminar on Biblical Response to Justice at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune on 8-10th September, 2016;Three lectures in Methodological consultations organized by SATHRI at United Theological College, Bangalore on 2nd June 2016;M.M. Thomas centenary consultation organized by CIRSRS at United Theological College, Bangalore 12-13 May 2016; NCCI Pre-assembly, 25-26 April 2016 Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur; in Congress of Asian Theologians (CATS- VIII), 18-22 April, 2016, Cochin.  He gave leadership in the NIMTEF conference held in Nagpur from 4-6 November 2016.Achen published many articles in theological journals.

Rev. V.M. Mathew gave leadership in various conferences. Achen was one of the leaders of the Mar Thoma Student’s conference held at CKMHSschool, Satna. He was one of the translators in the Maramon convention.  Achen led the main sessions of the Rajastan Family conference held in Udaipur.He published articles in theological journals.

 Rev. Binu J. Varghese gave leadership in various conferences; achen was the main leader for the Saudi Arabian Mar Thoma Conference. Achen took bible study in the Delhi diocesan clergy conference held at Jaipur.

Rev.Sajesh Mathews was the main speaker for the family conference which was held at Abu Dhabi Mar Thoma Parish from 21st to 24th October 2016.He led pre-marital/post marital and family conferences at various places in our diocese and in other churches. Achen gave leadership in various retreats and camps. He participated in the Congress of Asian Theologians (CATS) held at Kochi from 19th to 22nd April 2016 and presented a paper on the theme, "The theology from the Disability perspective"

Our students Mr. Jestin Philip Varughese, Mr. Manjush Abin Koshy and Mr. Ringu Thomas attended the National Seminar for Theology students held at Ecumenical Christian Centre, Whitefield, Bangalore, from 3-5th May 2016. The B.D. first year batch attended the Mar Thoma Student’s Conference which was held at CKM Higher secondary School, Satna from 9-12 October 2016. Our students Mr. Rejoy Varghese, Mr. Ajin P. Raju, Mr. Rony Ninan Philip and Mr. Sumesh Sathyan attended the NIMTEF conference  which was held at Nagpur from 4-6 November 2016.

College Day and Convocation

The seventeenth College Day and the 12th Convocation were held on Sunday12th March 2017.  The Patron Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma delivered the convocation address. One M. Th student and 8 B.D students received Diplomas and 7 DCPC students received course certificates this year. The names of the graduating students are as follows:

M. Th

Rev. Skaria Mathew                    


1.Ajeesh Abraham Koshy

2. Vijay Daniel

3 Binoy Abraham           

4.Praful Diwakar Goradwar

5. Sunu Abraham

6. Likush Koshy

7. Gamit Panvelbhai Napryabhai

8. Greego K. Paul


1.Rev. Johnson M. John

2.Vinod Varghese

3.Albert Shine R.E

4. Bibin T. Samuel

5. Bindu Mary Kurian

6.Neetha J. Punamadom

7.Jossy D. Cherian

We wish God’s blessing upon their future life and ministry. 

Farewell to outgoing Faculty members.

A farewell meeting was held along with the Convocation to bid farewell to the Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj and Rev. Sajesh Mathews. Rev. V.M. Mathew spoke representing the faculty and the community where he highlighted the valuable contributions of these achens.

College & Senate Examinations

First Semester College Examination was held from 5th to 16th October 2016. The second semester college examinations and the Pre-Senate or Model Examinations and were held from 1-10 March 2017 and the Senate Examinations were held from 23rd March to 8th April2017.

Fundraising Programmes

 Our faculty members visited various parishes and mobilized fund for Dharma Jyoti.We express our thanks to the vicars and members of Mallappally St. Andrews,Manganam St. Peters,Vashi, Bhilai, Kalyan, New Delhi St. Stephens, Delhi Jerusalem, Muland, Bangalore Jallahali, Trivandrum Trinity(Medical college), Udaipur,  parishes and Saudi Arabian Congregations.


1. Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa on 11th July 2016.

2.Members of the Borivili parish, Mumbai,  29th -30th October 2016.

2. Edavaka Mission members of the Trivandrum Centre

Non-teaching staff

 Mr. Shibu A. Thomas joined DJVP from 1st June, 2016 onwards. He serves as the accountant cum clerk. Our thanks to him for his help in the effective functioning of Dharma Jyoti.  Also express thanks to the Diocesan Office staff Mr. Lijo for his support and help.

Chottu and Hari helped in the Kitchen, Mr.  Shyam, Mr. Siya Ram and Mohan help in the campus and in the farm and Pramod help as driver.


The major source of income of the institution is the grant from the Sabha Office and the Dharma Jyoti Sunday offertory collected on every 3rd Sunday of January.  Dharma Jyoti doesn’t have any other permanent source of income. Hence, we heavily depend upon the donations from friends and well-wishers. The parishes and members of our Church, particularly, the Mumbai and Delhi Dioceses  of our church whole-heartedly supported the vision and mission of the Church by donating generously and sponsoring students. We acknowledge with thanks the timely help of our diocese in advancing Rs.12 lakhs for the smooth functioning of Djvp. We are grateful to the parishes, prayer groups, Organizations and friends who sponsored students and established endowments for scholarship fund. Special thanks to the Kuwait St. Thomas Mar Thoma church for instituting an Endowment of Rs. 12,11,796/-in the name of “ Kuwait St. Thomas Mar Thoma Parish 10th year Endowment Fund” for the educational purposes of the DJVP students. Our thanks to friends who established endowments to give prizes to best out going students.


We give thanks to the Almighty for His blessings upon this institution. From a humble beginning before 17 years, by the grace of God and the overwhelming support of the people we progressed so far. We are grateful to the Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma , and all our Bishops for their timely support and guidance. We express our sincere thanks to the Chairman of the Governing Board, Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos, for the timely advices and support and the imparted vision to the functioning of the institution. The growth and development we witnessed during the last year is because of the continued support of the Metropolitan, Bishops, Vicar Generals, Governing Board Members, Advisory Board members, Vicars and the parishes. We are grateful to the Sabha Secretary, the Sabha Trustees, Sabha Council, Diocesan Secretary, Diocesan Treasurer, Diocesan Council, assembly members and all the Vicars and parishes of the Mumbai and Delhi Diocese for all their support.

We humble ourselves before the God Almighty for all his blessings upon Dharma Jyoti. Let the Almighty lead us into all truths and guide us forward. It is our prayer and wish that God may use Dharma Jyoti for His glory and for the furtherance of His Kingdom.                                                                                                                                           

Sd/Faridabad                                                              Rev. Dr. Koshy P Varghese

5th April, 2017                                                                                  Principal