Jammu And Kashmir

Mar Thoma Mission, Jammu and Kashmir:

Mar Thoma Mission, Jammu and Kashmir sprouts out of the missionary vision of the Delhi Diocese. In the midst of a community who think they are inferior to others in every aspect, we stand with them giving them support and care to lead a dignified life. Our presence itself is a motivation for them. We experienced God’s abundant grace and mercy throughout the year in the activities of mission.


Evg. Ashish Kumar Viswakarma and Evg. Jitu Nayak of MTEA serve as the evangelist of Jammu Mission. Their Hard work and dedication have contributed to the growth of Misssion.


Worship services held at 9 am on every Sunday. Our Evangelists lead these services, villagers and our members attend these services with full devotion. Holy Communion services were conducted every month during the time of Missionary visit. Every Friday a small group gathers for fasting prayer.


Our Evangelist runs the balwadis at Koti More and RS Pura with utmost devotion. Presently we have 30 students in the balwadi. Also we are giving special tuition for children at Church. We have 7 children for the special tuition


In the report year two students were given certificate as they completed their tailoring course from our centre. By God’s grace we were able to give training to all interested women in the village. We wind up the classes by January on a satisfactory note. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mrs. Sulekha who took time to teach the students these years. As a next step we are starting a small production unit which gives job opportunities for the pass out students.


Christmas programme was held on 25th December 2018 at Church. Villagers were gathered and special programme by balwadi students and tailoring students were conducted.


Holy Communion services were conducted in Udhampur Military Cant which is 75 km away from Jammu during the visit of Missionary with the special permission from the Diocesan Episcopa. 10 -15 members gather there for Holy Communion service from various denominations.


This year we started a medical care unit with the help of Bindoo Devi who is a registered ANM. Regular village visit were done to monitor the medical needs and proper care is being given. Special thanks to Mr. M.S Babu who sponsored the medicines and other accessories for this purpose. During the visits we found out the need of a constant medical attention there. As a result from May 2019 onwards Dr. D.S Singh (JK Medicity Hospital Jammu) will be coming to our Church for consultation once in a month.


Rev. Jerry Thomas Varghese