Kalinga Mission (Odisha)

Kalinga Mission (Odisha):

Kalinga mission, a mission field of MTEA was started in the land of Odisha in the year 2010 by spear heading the work carried on by Adv. P.  A. Cyrus. It has been endeavouring in the spiritual and educational development of the people in the interior areas of Rayagada district and Kandhamal district of Southern Odisha.

Kalinga Mission has 10 villages namely Rajupathar, Doesing, Bellamguda, Laxmipur, Asoda, Bedhiguda, Khalgumuda, Gumuda, Ramnaguda and Bhathpurunder two regions called Gudari region and Tumidibandh region. MTEA evangelists coordinates the regions and help the local evangelist to conduct services and Bible classes. MTEA evangelists Evg. JaylalParaset coordinates the Tumidiband region and Evg. Gollayath Pradhan coordinates Gudari region by staying there. Evg. Noble Varghese stays in the mission compound along with missionary achen to assist and coordinate all mission programmes.

Village services, prayer meetings and Bible classes are conducted in believers houses. Spiritual nourishment of the believers and seekers is the main focus of our mission. Development of common worship place is an urgent need of the hour.

We have monthly one gathering of all evangelists with the motive to learn the Word of God and to schedule programs to be conducted for the month. We had 11 meetings in the last year.

In order to strengthen the programmes of the mission field and empowering evangelists, the North Indian Missionary conference was held, on 2nd to 4thNovember 2018 in Wardha. The missionary and all the evangelists of Kalinga Mission attended this conference.

All India Missionary Conference which was conducted in the Charalkunnu Camp Centre, Kerala on the first week of December 2018 was an encouragement to the sangham evangelists of Kalinga Mission. The missionary and the 3 evangelists participated in this conference.

The Balavadies established to nurture kids in the village is running successfully. We have around150 kids gathering in 6different villages. Through Balavadies we provide basic education as well as moral classes through songs and stories.

New Life Education project is aimed to support higher education of the selected children in the village. During the last academic year, we were able to support 12 children through this project.

Navjyothi, the child development centre established for the development of childrens in the nearby villages of Mission centre is now running with 117 kids. The backbone of the development centre is “Light the Candle international” a non-profitorganization which is centrally situated in America. Navjyothi CDC began its journey in 2016. A team consisting of one coordinator, 5 teachers, 3 cooks strives with their support and coordination in the success of this project. Mr. Ramesh Sharma is the coordinator. 

The program Arogyasurakyais established in order to provide health care services to the people living in the interior villages. With the help and support of Chritian hospital Bissamcuttack we were able to conduct medical camps.In a short span of time our Mission centre has facilitated as a helping hand for the patients to reach hospitals from the interior villages of Kalahandi mission and Kalinga mission.

Rev. Sajo Thomas Joseph is serving as the Missionary.