Mission Statement

Mission Statement- Called “To Serve -Witness – Love”

Missions in the Diocese under MTEA, CARD & Other Dioceses

1.   Jammu & Kashmir Mission

The MTEA mission in Jammu is functioning as an ancillary to the Diocesan Mission at Jammu.  Two evangelists stationed there help the Diocesan Evangelists Basant Sing in running Balawadis and other activities at the Jammu Center.  MTEA concentrates on spreading gospel to the risky area of Indo-Pak border. Rev. Jijo Varghese is serving as the Missionary. The evangelists serving the mission are Evg. Somio Ranjan and Evg. Susheel Kumar.

2.   Christiya Bandhu Kulam, Satna (Madhya Pradesh)

 Ashram, with a total of 50 members, was set up and is functioning for the betterment of the society. Here is a glimpse of various activities in the CB Kulam Ashram, report for the year 2016-17. Established in the year 1952, CB Ashram comprises of the Chapel which is regularly used for evening prayer and circle prayer, Boys Hostel with a current strength of 3, Integrated Farming, Dairy Farm, Agriculture, and Dairy & Post Office.  Within the Christu Bandhu Kulam campus is located the Satna Mar Thoma Church. Around 80 members, both from within the campus and outside, attend the church regularly. Holy Communion and ordinary service are held regularly in the church on alternate Sundays. Two priests (Vicar, Very Rev. C. A. Varghese, and Assistant Vicar, Rev. Koshy Kurian) manage the activities of the church. Christukuka Mission Institutions for Educations which includes Christukula Mission Higher Secondary School, a Co-Educational Day school affiliated to ICSE syllabus, with  Very Rev. Dr. C. A Varghese as the Principal cum Manager, Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti School , a Co-educational Day School affiliated to the MP Board with. Rev. Koshy Kurian as Principal and Evg. Bovas George as in charge of the school, ,  Home at School System (HATS)., the Diamond Jubilee project of C B Kulam Ashram established in 2012 that provides day boarding facility to students, Christukula Mission Women’s English Medium College, affiliated to APS, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, established as a Golden Jubilee Project of the Christukula Mission English Medium School with Dr. Annamma George as the Principal of the college also functions in the campus. His Grace This ashram is livelihood of about 200 people. Village people are engaged in agriculture, dairy, and ashram activity. 

3.   Khrist Seva Kendra, Kshipra (Madhya Pradesh)

Khrist Seva Kendra is funded & owned by the Christian Agency for Rural Development(CARD). Gram Jyothi Schools, St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Kshipra, MALWA Child Focused Community Development Kshipra, Sarvodaya Child Development Centre, Sarvodaya Child Survival Programme, Sarvodaya Nagar, Dewas,  Easow Mar Timotheos Memorial Hostel, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry are the major activities of this mission.  Rev. V. P. Philip is serving as the Missionary.

4.   Christa Prema Kulam Mar Thoma Mission, Sehatganj (Madhya Pradesh)

The Christa Prema Kulam Mar Thoma Mission is a project of MTEA & it came to existence in the year 1955 by the inspiration and guidance of late Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan. The mission runs the Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan Chatrawas (hostel) which currently houses 30 students. A Gram Jyoti English Medium High School provides the best educational facilities to around 300 students of the nearby villages.  A Child Focused Community Development Project is run in 10 villages with the help of CARD, providing educational, nutritional, health and livelihood support to the local villagers. Gospel outreach programmes were also under taken in the nearby villages. Rev. Binu Cherian serves as the Missionary.

5.   Shahdol Mission (Madhya Pradesh)

The activities of Shahdol Mission under MTEA is primarily in the tribal regions spread over an area of 120 kilometres from Shahdol to the borders of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Evangelists conduct prayer meetings, house visits and VBS's programmes regularly in the following villages; Deogama, Shyamdi, Amlai (Labour Colony, Ittabhatta), Manendragad (Amakharwa, Kulkupara), Bijuri (Milanpatra) and Jaisingh Nagar. A tribal boy’s hostel is functioning at Shadhol. The Jai Eeshu Mar Thoma Congregation in Milanpatra, lies on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It is the first Hindi tribal congregation of the Mar Thoma Church and has a growing membership, with 35 families now. This congregation lies in the midst of a jungle, alongside a coalmine. Prayer meetings and Holy Communion are regularly conducted here. Rev. Robin Varghese is serving as the Missionary. 

6.   Kalinga Mission (Odisha)

Kalinga Mission of MTEA is situated at Rayagada District in the southern part of Odisha. It was established in 2010 carrying forward the work started by Adv. P. A. Syrus. Rayagada district is one of the poorest districts in our country. More than 50% of the people belong to the Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. The village ministry mainly focuses on Goodri Taluk. It is a remote area of Ryagada. Ten evangelists are working there. Worship is conducted every Sunday in these villages. There are five hostels at different villages for the educating the children from poor families. Rev. Sherin Tom Mathews is serving as the Missionary.

7.   Samastipur Mission (Bihar)

Samastipur Mission, the only mission field of MTEA in Bihar, is located 110 kilometres away from Patna where the missionary resides. The mission work is concentrated in the remote areas of North Bihar where physical facilities for a normal life are scarcely available. Last year regular Sunday worships, Sunday school, fasting prayer and prayer meetings were conducted. The mission also conducted VBS and a Christmas Carol service.  There are three Balawadis here with 3 teachers and 130 students. The mission also runs a tailoring school. Rev. Y. Biju is serving as the Missionary.

8.   Rajasthan Mission

Rajasthan Mission started in the year 1970’s in Jaipur and now located in the village MundiyaRamsar, about 23km from Jaipur city. It is surrounded by many other villages such as Poegus, Dhanakya, Bhrodayaka and Fatehpur. Castecism is dominant in these villages were there is also a high rate of illiteracy, child marriage, and child labor are prevalent in these areas, villagers started to migrate to other places in search of employment due to poverty.In the height of the gospel and in view of the spiritual and physical well-being, various programs have been initialized for the development of the villagers.

Balwadi: Children in the village are used to earn a living and for herding cattle. Therefore most of them are unable to attend school. The Balwadi cater to around 60 students, mainly from the banjara community. They are taught basics in reading, writing, and arithmetic. We have now 2 Balawadies. The Evangelists with the help of a local teacher conduct classes 6 days a week from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Tailoring Center: The Jaipur Mar Thoma SevikaSangham is sponsoring the tailoring center so as to empower women folk. 6 month certificate courses are conducted 6 days a week from 3:00 to 5:00pm with the help of an instructor. Certificates and Tailoring Kits are provided to those who successfully complete this course. They are equipped to earn livelihood by stitching dresses. We have now 2 teaching centres- MundiyaRamsar and Sitapura

St. Paul’s Mar ThomaSchool: Established in the year 2008, St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Schoolgives knowledge in English medium with the help of 14 teachers and 6 non-teaching staff. We have registration upto 8th standard. The school caters to 224 students, studying from Nursery, in and around this village. The school timings are 7:30 am to 1pm in summer and 9 am to 2 pm in winter. A library has been opened with books mainly contributed by Jaipur parish members. Various activities and sports and cultural events are organized for the overall development of students.

9.   Bikaner Mission (Rajasthan)

Bikaner Mission or Thar Mission is under MTEA, & started in 1996 is spread over many districts of western Rajasthan comprising Jodhpur, Bikaner, Nagur, Pali, etc. Mission works are conducted with the support of the Bikaner Mar Thoma Church. There is a homeopathy clinic and a Balawadi functioning under the mission.  Rev. K. A. Jacob is serving as Missionary.

10. Bhilwara Mission (Rajasthan)

Bhilwara Mar Thoma Mission under MTEA provides spiritual guidance to 33 families residing here. Holy Qurbana services are conducted on every second and fifth Sundays, alternatively in Malayalam, Hindi and English to cater to the needs of the mixed community who attend the worship services. On other Sundays the evangelist conducts ordinary services. Last year Balawadi was started among the Katchi basti dwellers near Magistrate colony, Bhilwara.  Rev. Rajan Koshy is serving as the Missionary. 

11.      Vizag Mission (Andhra Pradesh)

This Mission field of Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association in Andhra Pradesh. Sunday Worship, outreach programmes etc. are some of the activities under this mission.

12.      Bastar Mission (Chhattisgarh)

The Bastar Mission of MTEA has been working at Jagdalpur in Bastar District for the past 21 years.  Jatam, Chilkutty and Manjiguda are some of the villages that have come under the purview of this mission and its evangelistic work. Regular Sunday worship, Farming, V.B.S. programme etc. are some of the regular features of the mission.

13.      Chhattisgarh Mission

The activities of Chattisgarh Mar Thoma Mission under MTEA are concentrated in five centres viz. Ameri, Borsi, Pamgarh, Kutraboad and Akalthara. The Mission run nine  Balawadies, a child development centre, & a Bal Vikas Kendra at Ameri with the support of CARD. Mission activities are focussed in providing Holistic development and growth to children in the rural areas.

14.      Rewa Mission  

With Very Rev. Dr. .C.A.Varghese, serving as the missionary, Rev. Koshy Kurian the Vicar  & Missionary in charge, and    P.G.Yesudasan as the Evangelist, Rewa centre of the C B Kulam Mission functions nearly 60 Kms from the Satna towards the direction of Allahabad road. The mission activities here include the visit to villages in and around Rewa and conducting special prayers both in church and houses. A nursery School was also initiated in the area on 15th September, 2016 from which 3 students have completed their nursery training. As a part of its activities, a Christmas program was organized which was attended by students, their parents and friends for which the message was given by Evg. P.G.Yesudasan. A tuition centre also functions here with nearly 9 students attending the same. The St. Thomas Church, Rewa established on 12th October 1967 currently has 10 families under the leadership of Vicar Rev. Koshy Kurian. Once in every month, the Holy Qurbana is conducted by the Vicar, and the other services by Evangelist P.G.Yesudasan. The other activities of the church include Sunday school, Sunday Church Worship, Friday Fasting Prayer, Cottage Prayer, and Sevika Sangham Meeting. Occasionally there are special programs like Episcopal Visits, visits of Chief Guests for Christmas and other such programs of the church. During the course of the year, nearly 7 people visited the Rewa Church 

15.      Tibetan Border Mission (Uttarakhand) 

Tibetan Border Mission of MTEA, started by the Late Rev. A. K. George is located in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand. The mission now has three different centres, in Munsiari, Tejam and Choupatha (Berinag). There are two Gram Jyoti schools, at Munsiary Bhainskal, and Nachni. Both schools are providing quality education to the poor children of the locality and surrounding villages. A new building will be constructed with the help of Lotus Trust who have been interested to help the mission and the school along with the support of the Delhi Diocese. Rev. Nebu K. Varghese is serving as the missionary. 

Mission of other dioceses within the jurisdiction of Delhi Diocese

Kalahandi Mission (Odisha)

Mar Thoma Mission in Kalahandi is the outreach mission work of the Ranny – Nilackal Diocese. Kalahandi mission is spreading the radiance of Gospel in 18 villages which includes 17 tribal villages and one Dalit Village. These villages do not have any primary facilities like road, electricity, housing and communication systems and are situated 5 to 15 kms inside the thick forests. At present we have 400 families as our believers. Our mission team consists of 18 evangelists and two team leaders giving able leadership to the faith community with deep dedication and strong faith. Mar Thomas Mission Health Care Centre is completing six years in its service. We conduct free medical camps and medicine distribution regularly as part of its social commitments. At present Dr Thejus Varghese (s/o Rev: L. Varghese) from CMC Ludhiana serves as the Medical Officer and he is assisted by 4 paramedical staff and a Laboratory technician. Our clinic is a great relief to the poor people around our locality as they get better medical care at low cost. There are Six Balwadis and a Mission Gramjyoti school functioning under the mission. In addition to these, an English Medium School (with 223 students and 15 teachers)is also functioning under the mission. Mar Thoma English Medium School provides quality education to the native children at lowest and thus aims at the development of the community. We have two hostels in our campus. Altogether 43 students are staying in these hostels. Our students are showing excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. Apart from this 89 students who completed 10th Std from our hostels are pursuing their studies for courses like Plus 2, Degree, Nursing etc with the support of Mission. A village development project is executed through the Mission with the help of KNH. Through this project various training programs were arranged for farmers, liketraining on organic farming, bio pesticide units, formation of self-help groups, farm bounding, well digging, social forestry,etc. Tailoring training, medical camps, personality development classes for students, saplings distribution, awareness classes on government schemes and on social issues are also being conducted through the Project.

Odisha Mission at Khariar Road

The Odisha Mission at Khariar Road is a Mission owned and supervised by the Niranam-Maramon Diocese. The Mission is involved in evangelization work and improving the basic amenities for the under privileged.  Currently there are 8 evangelists who work hard to spread the gospel to the villages.  So far we have planted 4 churches and approximately 110 believers in it. A school run by the Mission now has 288 students studying in it.  The four hostels run by the project for boys and girls now have 118 students. There are 8 Balawadis under this project. Rev. Ronald Raju & Rev. Vijish George are serving as missionaries.