UTTKAL (Odisha)

Utkal Mar Thoma Hostels with 53 children are functioning well under the guidance and leadership of Rev C M Shaji, Director who is staying with family, at the premises.  We completed the construction of the two hostels (Boys and Girls), Mess Hall, Mission House (for Director and visitors); and a Chapel in our land. The consecration and dedication of Chapel and other facilities was conducted on 4th April 2017, celebrated by His Grace The Most Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan and co-celebrated by Rt. Rev Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa along with priests from Abu Dhabi, Visag, Raipur and Jagadalpur Churches and Mission centers in Kalahandi and Kesinga. It was a very blessed occasion attended by about 200 people including members from Jagadalpur and Abu Dhabi Mar Thoma Church who came for the ceremony. We express our heartfelt thanks to all who attended, especially our Metropolitan and Diocesan Episcopa, who spared time to travel all the way for leading the dedication prayers. Child Welfare Committee requested admission for 9 additional children into our hostel during the year and were all accommodated. CWC has granted formal recognition of our hostels till 29.10.2018. One of our children was selected to receive Scholarship, based on her class performance. 2 children received prize for the District Quiz competition conducted by NABARD. One of our children won first prize at the debate competition conducted at the block level. Many of our children participated and won accolades at the inter school competitions.