Mar Thoma Suvishesha Sevika Sanghom (Delhi Diocese)

President                                             : Rt. Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos

Clergy Vice President                        : Rev. Eapen Abraham

Lay Vice President                              : Mrs. Thankamma Varghese

Secretary                                             : Mrs. Mini Varghese

Treasurer                                             :Mrs. Sherly Raju


Delhi Diocesan Sevika Sanghom spread across 18 states  of  North India and in Kuwait, is one of the most vibrant organization in the diocese. Rt Rev. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa guided the Sanghom in its all-around activities and was the inspirational force behind the Sanghom programmes. Its various activities are executed through the seven centres.  All the parishes and some congregations has Sanghom Shakhas and the respected Achens and Missionaries gives leadership to the activities of the Shakhas.

During the year various programs were executed in the diocesan level such as Bible quiz, Secretaries conference at City Montissori School, Lucknow,  Annual Study conference,at City Montissori School, Lucknow,  sale  of  book through book stall during diocesan convention at Delhi,  retreat for village women’s in Tibetan Boarder  Mission field , Uttaraakhand  on health and hygiene  etc were carried out.  Sanghom members participated in these programs enthusiastically.

During this year too Sanghom constituted an endowment of Rs.50000.00 to Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth.  A room at Dharmajyoti Vidya Peeth was sponosred by Diocesan Sevika Snaghom and this year too it paid Rs.50000.00 towards that cause, thus a total of Rs.300000 was paid till date.  Sanghom contributed a sum of Rs.50000.00 to the Dioceses for its Mission activities.  The Profit of Rs.5800 out of the book stall during the diocesan convention was also contributed for the diocesan activities.  Sanghom also participated in the Maramon convention sand bed food stall of the Sevika Sanghom and contributed Rs.5000.00.

Diocesan Sevika Sanghom express its deep gratitude to Diocesan President, Clergy and lay Vice Presdients, Secretary, Treasurer Committee members, Centre Secretaries, Clergies in the Diocese and all Sanghom members for their whole hearted support and prayers.