Shadol Misson

Shahdol Mission

Shahdol Mission has its roots in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. In 1970’s ministers of the Lord from Sihora Ashram and Satna Ashram came together to form Christian fellowships and missionary works in Shahdol, which today also runs with its activities faithfully.

Currently, Rev. Vinod K. George along with 5 missionaries and their families work in this mission field. The major areas of focus are on Amlai, Annuppur, Bijuri, Manendegarh and Shahdol.These places are full ofindigenousadivasis and harijans, so that caste system still prevails here. Hence illiteracy, superstitious beliefs, poverty, unemployment, untouchability, etc. still prevails. The adivasi and tribal people in these areas have no basic facilities and moralities in their societies. It is among these groups that the mission runs fruitfully.

Mission Activities

Gospel Ministry, Tribal Hostel, Balawadies, Educational Aids, Village ministry, VBS and Sunday Schools, Cottage Prayers, Youth Meetings, Tuition Centres and Medical Aid.

Shahdol, Dhanpuri (Amlai), Kotma Congregations

Families who have travelled from Kerala to these places in search of employment and meeting their needs for livelihood have formed these congregations. Holy Qurbana services are conducted once in a month and Matin services on the other Sundays. The missionary priest leads the Holy Qurbana services and the evangelists leads the Matin services. Cottage prayer meetings are being held once in every month at each members houses.

Tribal Hostel

Students from various villages who have no means to meet their basic livelihood and have no financial aid for education are brought up to the Hostel and are provided with basic facilities and education. These students actively lead and conduct the dawn and evening prayers in the Mission house. They eagerly learn and meditate on the Scriptures daily. These students also excel in their academics in school. According to this year 12 students have stayed and learned in the Tribal Hostel.

Milan Pathra – Urao Congregation

Milan Pathra is a small adivasi village situating in between the states Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Around 100 adivasi families reside in this village. The village has a small rented Church building where the gospel ministry is carried out. Monthly once Holy Qurbana is led by the missionary priest and on the other Sundays ordinary Hindi worships are conducted. On Fridays and Saturdays family prayers and House visits are being conducted. During these meetings many indigenous believers also attend.

Hindi Worship for Seekers and Believers

Every Friday Hindi worships are being conducted in Shahdol Railway Colony, Amlai Gandhinagar, Annuppur, Bijuri and Manendegargh. Out of 25 families, around 100 believers from different villages come together to listen and learn the Bible in the respected places. Children also attend these worships and are growing in faith.


At present 3 balawadies are being held in the village Chandania. Poor children who reside in this village are given education, health and hygiene and moral consciousness through these balawadies. These balawadies provides a better platform for children who grow up in a society where the need of education is not considered mandatory.

Tuition Centres

Tuition centres are being held in Chandania and Shahdol mission house for children’s educational progress. The missionary priest and the evangelists play a vital role in taking coaching for these children.

Vacation Bible School:

VBS’s are conducted in Chandania, Amlai and Milan Pathra villages. A lot of children attend and take part in learning new songs and Bible stories. This VBS helps in the spiritual growth of our children and also helps in recognising the various talents of these children.

Christmas Programmes

Every December Christmas is celebrated in each of our villages. Various programmes of the children, carol songs, and Urao adivasi dance is conducted during the celebrations. These celebrations are joyful moments for the villagers and the little children. During these celebrations woollen clothes and blankets are distributed to resist the extreme harsh winter. This year Hindi Bibles were provided for those who are able to read. This has helped the people in the village to grow spiritually strong.

Youth Meetings

During Holi holidays youth retreat was conducted in Milan Pathra village. Based on the topic “Youths and Christian Faith”.songs,memory verses, Bible lessons were taught and skits were also performed. This has helped the tribal youths to grow spiritually and also get awareness on substance abuse (alcohol and drugs).

Episcopal Visit

On the month of January, Rt. Rev. Dr. Gregorios Mar Stephanos Episcopa visited Shahdol mission centre and has also rendered his valuable advises and suggestions for the mission activities.